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College Prep Through Character Education
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Habits of Mind & Heart

Whitfield School - Saint Louis, Missouri

At the center of Whitfield's mission is our commitment to character education through the Habits of Mind & Heart curriculum. The Habits address six areas of human potential: ethics, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, mindfulness, and cultural competence.

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Ethical Conduct

We believe in a personal commitment to mindful action. Today's high-tech students are connected and empowered in ways previously undreamed of, and it matters deeply that they uphold their ethical obligations to self, family, and community.

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We challenge our students to seek a deeper understanding, to make connections and draw conclusions, to learn the discipline of a scholar.  Teachers serve as facilitators of the learning process, while students engage in the pursuit, application, and creation of knowledge.

Two students leading a faculty workshop on equity and inclusion


Through the practice of dialogue, equity, and justice, we help students become engaged members of our school community as well as the other communities to which they belong.

Finn Murphy, Class of 2019, during his commencement speech


We create opportunities for all students to develop as leaders, allowing them to make a difference, take a stand, and become role models for others.

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We practice a willingness to see things as they are, not as we want them to be, as well as a willingness to be curious and accepting.

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Cultural Competence

Our student body represents all of St. Louis and much of the world. This rich diversity deepens the learning experience of every student and the preparation of each for college and beyond.

Why Whitfield?

Excellent and individualized preparation for college and life.

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Whitfield by the Numbers

Since its founding in 1952, Whitfield continues to cultivate ethical, confident, successful students.


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News & Events

Our Community

Whitfield is more than a school. We are a community of innovation, collaboration, and trust.


Kenyon Hill '20

Kenyon Hill '20

"I am the Student Body President, a High School ambassador, Diversity Awareness Club President, Black Student Union Vice President, Thespian Officer, Co- Founder of Whitfield’s Boys Volleyball Team and I participate in other clubs.  I truly believe that the wide range of activities, educational opportunities and faculty support has allowed me and my fellow students to shape ourselves as happy, confident, enthusiastic learners and leaders inside and outside of the Whitfield community."


Maddie Seemiller '20

"Whitfield does not only support leaders, but they help build them. At Whitfield, every single student has the potential to become a leader, whether it be in tackling the head role of an extracurricular to being a quiet leader in the classroom. Through yearbook, I have been fortunate to experience both of these types of leadership both in myself and in my amazing team of designers."


Anna Gau '24

"What I truly enjoy about Whitfield is the fact that everyone is so accepting of who you want to be. What I have found is that no matter your interests, beliefs, or identity, you will find a group that you resonate with and feel welcomed into. This is something that I think is so important to have in any school or community and Whitfield excels at it."



Alicia Tessler

Alicia Tessler, Whitfield parent

Alicia Tessler

Parent of Jake '19 and Zach '24

"There are many factors that contributed to the decision to send our kids to Whitfield, including the student-to-teacher ratio, overall school size, and class size.  While Whitfield maintains a high expectation for academic achievement, there are lessons learned that go far beyond the textbooks.  Kind, caring, accepting.  These are life qualities that are a tremendous part of the educational experience at Whitfield."


Akberet Boykin Farr, board member

Akberet Boykin Farr

Parent of Grace '20

"When I initially enrolled my daughter I felt like the school would accept her for who she was and would help her determine who she wanted to become.  Since then, my daughter has found her voice.  She is able to share her own values, opinions, beliefs, and perspectives with conviction, and appreciate the perspectives of others."


Whitfield parent Kathleen Cizek

Kathleen Cizek

Parent of Christian '11, Erin '13, Caroline '17 and Aiden '23

"Whitfield is a very special place. It is a strong community of supportive faculty, staff and families that are truly dedicated to your child’s academic and personal development. It is a friendly environment where your student will be encouraged and pushed to his full potential. My children have received a strong and well rounded education and have become more confident and engaging young adults.  They have grown to be independent and dedicated students, who are active members of their communities. "



Mary Schnitzler

Mary Schnitzler

Social Studies Faculty / Middle School

"I love our school community. Whitfield is truly a special place with the most caring and dedicated faculty, parents and students. Our students see the example of our faculty and staff who are lifelong learners and who share their enthusiasm for scholarship every day."

David Records

English Faculty / Upper School

"I love teaching at Whitfield and the importance placed on ""community"". From the all-school assemblies to the Socratic seminars to the graduation ceremony—attended by the entire student body—the sense of togetherness is palpable and contagious."

Michał Kwiecień

Social Studies Faculty / Upper School

"Our school community cultivates trust, professionalism, empathy, collaboration, compassion, and multiculturalism. I especially value working at a school that respects and embraces everyone, and a school that engages in open and civil conversations about human rights, social justice and inclusion, global citizenship, and the need to understand one's role in an increasingly pluralistic and multicultural world."


Jay Gard '08

Jay Gard, Class of 2008

Jay Gard '08

Producer / Los Angeles

"Whitfield's focus on constructive classroom communication helped foster my strong participation skills in college — something I saw other students struggle with. Having the confidence and skillset to engage with a professor in class helped bring topics to life and furthered my understanding. Whitfield taught me to bring an analytical eye to college material rather than simply memorizing lessons letter-for-letter."

Morgan Bosman, Class of 2011

Morgan Bosman '11

Musician / Nashville

"The small, structured class size fostered an environment for my growth. Throughout high school, I felt the most comfortable and accepted in the arts programs and really enjoyed the opportunity of being involved in band, choir and theater. All of those experiences made an impact on my life."

Seth Williams, Class of 2005

Seth Williams '05

Veterinarian, Kirkwood Animal Hospital / St. Louis

"Whitfield instilled a strong work ethic in me, both in and out of the classroom.  Whitfield allowed me the opportunity to be successful academically while also taking part in athletics and extracurricular activities. Any high school will provide an education.  What makes Whitfield unique is how other values are also instilled in students—communication, relationships, respect, trust, and reward for hard work."

Head Of School

John Delautre

Head of School John Delautre

John Delautre

“Whitfield is unique among most independent schools in this country in that our approach to college preparation is grounded in character education. Put very simply, for us, that means we are focused on preparing students, not just for college, but also for life. And that mission—to produce ethical, confident, successful graduates—permeates every aspect of our program.”