Alumni Musicians: Austin Smith '08

After heavily touring the country for eight years and releasing a #1 Billboard Reggae Album in 2019 called “Shapes of a Soul,” Austin Smith’s (‘08) band, Roots of a Rebellion, decided to take a break from touring. Once COVID hit, Austin started doing “Front Porch Quarantune Concerts”. Having spent most of his time on the road, he hadn’t had the opportunities to connect with neighbors much at all, but Quarantunes brought the whole neighborhood together.

He is still making music and will for as long as he can. He recently released a brand new song called “I Have A Dream” using his middle name Austin Grimm. He wrote the song outside the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN while on tour with ROAR.

This is the first of several songs he’s set to release this year. The next one is “Lovers Lane” which will be out on Friday, February 12th.

In addition to recording, Austin is currently a full-time outdoor kindergarten teacher at the Pip & Pickles Farm in Nashville. He shares he is having a blast and learning a lot!

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