Alumni Musicians: Ben McGuiness ‘17

Ben started Calloway Circus the summer before his Junior year at Whitfield. The “album” that he wrote in my parents’ basement ended up being a catalyst for the rest of his life. With his bandmate, Alec Lewis ‘17, they hit the local music scene. Upon graduating, the band completed two independent cross-country tours. At the end of the tours, Alec decided to leave the project to focus on his education. Ben began writing songs that would eventually be on Calloway Circus’ album Entropy. The album was made over a two-year period, recorded in five U.S. cities, and mixed in Australia.

Entropy accolades include the following: “Gray”, the lead single, has amassed nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify alone; “Kind to Myself”, and its accompanying music video premiered on Substream; “Mess” and its accompanying music video premiered on Billboard; received a “Best Album” award from Rock University. Click here to listen to “Kind to Myself”

In early 2020, Calloway Circus traveled to both Detroit and Los Angeles to record new material. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the tour was canceled and the new record has been shelved for an indeterminate amount of time. Ben has been fortunate enough to switch gears and support himself through writing, producing, and recording other artists and helping out at Firebrand Recording in Maryland Heights. While he enjoys producing, Ben looks forward to the industry coming back so he can again pursue what he loves. @benjaminmcguiness

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