Alumni Veterans: Day 6

Day 6 highlighting our alumni veterans. Veterans, we thank you for your service! #WhitfieldAlumni

Rodney Hahn '14 graduated from The United States Naval Academy in 2018. As a Naval Officer currently stationed in San Diego, Rodney is currently deployed.

Kurtis Hahn '16 graduated from The United States Merchant Marine Academy (2020) as a Marine Engineer. He is currently a Naval Officer and a Merchant Marine employed as a Marine Engineer on a Navy ship.

Bill Boldt '18 attended United States Military Academy Preparatory School 2018-2019 and is currently a cadet at West Point. Bill is set to graduate in 2024 with the goal to be an Army infantry officer. Bill enjoys playing rugby for West Point.

Mike McAteer '18 attends West Point and plans to go active duty Army when he graduates in 2023. Mike is majoring in Geospatial Information Science and is on the wrestling team.

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