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2022-05-12 9-00 CT

2022-05-12 09:00 -04:00

Calling all Alumni!

Welcome to Reunion Weekend!
Join us for Whitfield's first annual Reunion Weekend May 12-14, 2022.
Help us celebrate a new tradition honoring all our alumni!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

class of 1972: 50th Reunion Coffee & Tour

Barnes & Cole Alumni House
9:00 - 11: 00 AM
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Tour the campus
  • Meet students, faculty, and staff 

Friday, May 13, 2022

class of 1971: 50th Reunion Coffee & Tour

Barnes & Cole Alumni House
9:00 - 11: 00 AM
  • Coffee and light breakfast
  • Tour the campus
  • Meet students, faculty, and staff

Individual Class Gatherings

Venues around St. Louis
  • Class Captains will communicate about these events
  • Scroll down to see a list of Class Captains
  • All events held off campus

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - Day

All Alumni: Family-Friendly Picnic

Whitfield's Back Fields & Parking Lot
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Bubble Bus, bounce house, and activities for children and grandchildren
  • Selfie station/photo booth
  • Alumni pick-up softball game 
  • Food available for purchase from food trucks
  • Sodas, juice, water, and cookies provided
  • Event Cost: FREE

Saturday, May 14, 2022 - Evening

Old Guard (Classes of 1953 - 1977): Cocktail Reception

Barnes & Cole Alumni House
6:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Park by Schmitter Gallery and walk or take shuttle to Alumni House
  • Walk through the school on a guided tour, or take shuttle, to Schmitter Gallery for all-alumni celebration
  • Event Cost: $20 pp / $30 at the door (includes Reunion Celebration entry)

All Alumni (21+): Reunion Celebration

Schmitter Gallery, Cady Athletic Center & Fields
7:00 - 10:00 PM 
  • Open bar & heavy hors d'oeuvres
  • DJ & Live entertainment 
  • Selfie station/photo booth
  • Memory lane
  • Networking nook
  • Self-guided tours
  • And more!
  • Event Cost: $20 pp / $30 at the door

Underwriting Opportunities

Please consider making gift of any amount in support of one or more of the Reunion Weekend expenses! Every underwriting dollar makes a difference and helps us keep the ticket price low. 



Teacher Ticket

Purchase a ticket to the Reunion Celebration for one or more teachers!

Cost: $20+

Selfie Station

Underwrite some of the cost of the Selfie Stations at the Family Picnic and Reunion Celebration!

Cost: $500

Future Warriors

Underwrite the bubble bus and bounce house at the Family Picnic!

Cost: $800

Food & Drink

Underwrite some of the catering and open bar costs at the Reunion Celebration!

Cost: $16,000+

Class Captains

Thank you, Class Captains, for your leadership, guidance, and unwavering enthusiasm!  Scroll through to find your class! (Note some classes do not yet have Class Captain volunteers.)

Class Captains: 1970s
Flip Cady '70, Jane (Piper) Gleason '70
Anne (Kerckhoff) Wolter '71
Fleet Rand '72, Jody Serkes '72
Fitz Gordon '76
Laura Pollnow and Friend
Beth (Bradbury) Pollnow '90, Tony Spielberg '90, Lily Streett '90
Suzanne (Novak) Campbell '94, Carrie (Throop) Londe '94
Penny Rhodes was adopted by current parents at the Montage Auction
Carrie (Rahm) Rhodes '95, Kristin (Peterson) Winegar '95
Todd Lazarus '96, Julie (Schwarze) Linihan '96
Jessica Molloy '97
Lauren (Davis) Brody '98, Betsy Lewis '98
Tanya (Schmitter) Mayer '99, Kim Steward '99, Jill (Peterson) Welch '99


winter athletic night 2019
Margot (McMahon) Monser '00
Liza Kohn '02, Danielle (Lange) Nalley '02
Casey Jolley '03
Meredith (Bush) Schuh '04, Danny Vogler '04, Katie (Palumbo) Vogler '04


Class Captains: 2005 - 2009
Stephanie Gold '05, Peter Greathouse '05
Evan Milnor '06, Mike Reese '06
Andrew Brown '07, Kristin (Thompson) Poelker '07, Peter Tchoukaleff '07
Alix (Grant) Hawes '08, Melissa (Howe) O'Connor '08, Sam Stephens '08
Hadley (Key) Naughton '09, Margaret (Ellis) Ott '09, Jip Prapaisilapa '09
Girls at summer alumni happy hour
Alex Bluestone '10, Abby (Lefler) Eaves '10, Britney Howard '10
Sammie (Hellauer) Jones '11, Annie (Knapp) Migdal '11, Harry Londoff '11, Alex Sarr '11
Elizabeth Lindburg '12, Chip Polk '12, Rich Zajac '12
Mikayla Mooney '13, Maddie Scott '13
Dimitri Rucker '14, Trish Terrace '14
Sophia Chrysler and Luke Cano
Gabby Maune '15, Lauren Oreto '15
Grace Colbert '16, Devon Foster '16, Jewell Paine '16
Jonathan Elkins '17
Makayla Perkins '18, Sophia Chrysler '18
Miguel Santos '19

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to contribute to Reunion, whether you live in St. Louis or elsewhere! Here are a few ideas:

  • Promote Reunion among your classmates
  • Volunteer to come to school prior to May 6 and help curate the photo archives for your era
  • Underwrite an element of Reunion Weekend (Bubble Bus, Food, Teacher Tickets, etc.) by clicking the "Register Now!" above and then "Support Reunion" in the Menu for a complete list of options. This can be done as an individual, business, or by the "Class of..."

If you have other ideas, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Laura Lotz '95 at 314.415.1271 or

The Family Friendly picnic on Saturday is free. Food will be available for purchase from food trucks on site, or you may bring your own picnic. We do kindly ask that you register so that we may provide the best possible experience for our attendees.

The Reunion Celebration for All Alumni (21+) on Saturday evening is $20 per person for tickets purchased prior to May 13. Tickets will be $30 at the door. 

The cost to attend the Individual Class Gatherings on Friday evening, if any, will be communicated separately by your Class Captain(s).

Yes, there are opportunities to support Reunion and the Alumni Program in general, that include underwriting aspects of Reunion Weekend. Individuals, businesses, or entire classes may contribute to underwriting an item or event. Whitfield hopes to raise $20,000 to help underwrite Reunion Weekend so we may continue to keep ticket prices low! Contribute through the "Support Reunion Weekend" links above!

Great question! While we will miss you at Reunion Weekend, there is another opportunity to celebrate the Whitfield community! Our Green & White Gala will be held at the Four Seasons St. Louis this year. The Gala will honor the legacies of retiring Head of School John Delautre and long-time faculty member Sheila McCarthy for their years of service and tremendous contributions to the Whitfield community. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a group of fellow alumni and friends together to celebrate! For more information, please click here.

If your class does not have Class Captains listed (above), this means that we do not yet have volunteers from your class to help in this capacity. If you are interested in helping or know of a classmate who might be interested, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Laura Lotz '95 at 314.415.1271 or We would love your help!

I am so glad you asked! There are three main roles of a Class Captain:

  • Promote upcoming events and opportunities among your classmates. This can be done via social media, text, email, etc.--whatever works for you and your classmates!
  • Help the school collect updated contact information for classmates. Do you know someone moved? Did someone share that they don't receive the alumni newsletter? Let us know so that we can connect alumni to the school. 
  • Share suggestions with us about how we can continue to build the alumni program!

All events will be held on Whitfield's campus EXCEPT for Friday night's Individual Class Gatherings. Specific locations for the events are listed under the details above. For those who have not been back to campus in a while, we will share a map with you as we near the events.

Our goal is for each class to have 2-3 Class Captains. Some classes have had more people interested in this leadership role than others. If there is one person listed, it means that we currently have one volunteer from your class to help in this capacity. If you are interested in helping or know of a classmate who might be interested, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Laura Lotz '95 at 314.415.1271 or We would love your help!