Board of Trustees

Front of the school building at the top of the circle drive

Whitfield School is a nonprofit corporation overseen by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees employs the Head of School, sets the annual budget for operations, and promotes the mission of the School.


Ron Fox '74
Board Chair
Parent of Nathan '24, Joanna '07, Elizabeth '03, Jeffrey '01
Fox Smith LLC
Andy Bryan
Parent of Whitney '25, Andrew '27, Catherine '28
Dynaquip Corporation
Brian Chao '08

Starkloff Disability Institute

John Corn

Parent of Spencer '25
Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Dave Cooperstein

Parent of Grace '25
PGAV Destinations

Tamara Estrill-Lett

Parent of Noah '28
Skin Specialty Solutions

Corey Jones

Parent of Taryn '24, Fallon '27

Derik King

Vice Chair
Parent of Sam '24

Paul Minorini

Parent of Anthony '12, Hannah '15, Kate '16
Retired, Boys Hope Girls Hope

Karen Myers

Board Secretary
Parent of Katherine '13, Sarah '16, Julia '16 
Retired, US Bank

Melissa Howe O'Connor '08

Webster University

Asim Raza

Parent of Riyaz '24
Arcadian Infracom, Inc.

David Ressner

Board Treasurer
Parent of Abby '23
Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Scott Rhodes '98

Parent of J.R. '24, Tate '26, Hale, Anderson
Handi-Craft Co

Geneen Von Kloha

Parent of Gylian '25
Moneta Group

Philip B. Cady Jr. ’70

Honorary Lifetime Member
Parent of Elissa '97, Chris '00, Laura '02
Retired, Ford Steel

Bruno B. Schmitter

Honorary Lifetime Member
Parent of Tanya '99, Nadya '02, Dylan '06
Hydromat, Inc.

Wayne L. Smith II

Honorary Lifetime Member
Parent of Chip '97, Colin '00, Austin '08 
Eagle Private Capital LLC

Chris Cunningham

Head of School

Looking Ahead: Whitfield’s Vision for the Future

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Whitfield launched a comprehensive strategic planning process.  The strategic plan was developed to provide a long-range view of future school priorities created through a highly inclusive and participatory process. A steering committee was formed and focused on research, environmental scans, SWOT analysis, committee exercises, and trends in the independent school and education sector.  

In order to build a base of sound information and to guide the planning process, the school enlisted the assistance of a research and planning firm, Ian Symmonds & Associates.  The strategic planning steering committee worked collaboratively through a series of exercises designed to establish priorities based upon the findings of the research. 

This process culminated in the spring of 2023, with the steering committee developing the following areas of future focus.  The Board of Trustees then ratified the strategic planning priorities setting into motion the following institutional priorities.

  1. Whitfield School Guiding Statements | Clarifying Our Vision. Renewing Our Mission.

  2. Reimagine and Refine Learning in Our Core Program | Enhance and innovate the Whitfield education to provide forward-looking, enduring learning experiences that will prepare our students for life-long success.

  3. Enhance Our Climate & Culture | Enhance our culture of belonging, elevating our commitment to inclusion, health, and well-being, and assuring that all members of our diverse community can participate fully in the Whitfield experience.  

  4. Expand Our Market Leadership | Articulate true market leadership, ascending to become the regional/national leader among similar purposely-sized and deliberately composed independent secondary schools.

  5. Advance & Sustain Our Excellence | Build an ecosystem of enrollment, philanthropy, programs, revenue, physical plant, and human resources to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the School.