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School Dog

Maria Ahern

Faculty, Mathematics & World Languages-Spanish (US)

Amy Allen Cano

Faculty, Fine Arts-Theater (US)

Samantha Alul

Faculty, Mathematics (MS)

Andrew Asikainen

Faculty, Mathematics (US), Computer Science Integration Specialist

Dolly Baker


Grace Barlow

Faculty, Social Studies (US), Social Studies Department Chair

Lisa Barry Jenkins

Assistant Director of Technology

Keith Borzillo

Faculty, Fine Arts-Theater & Visual Arts (MS)

Miller Boyd

Faculty, Social Studies (US)

Helen Brain

Faculty, World Languages-Spanish (US)

Michelle Brown

Faculty, Science & Social Studies (MS, US)

Jeff Cacciatore

Faculty, Science (MS), Head Coach-Girls Varsity Soccer; Head Coach-Boys JV Soccer

Jessie Cargas

Substitute Teacher

Cipriano Casado

Faculty, World Languages-Spanish (US), Coach-Girls MS Volleyball; Asst. Coach-Boys Varsity Volleybal

Matt Coryell

Faculty, Social Studies (US)

Jim Daniels

Faculty, Fine Arts-Visual (US)

Susan Dean

Faculty, Mathematics (US)

John Delautre

Head of School

Matt DiGiulio

Director of Technology; Pandemic Response Coordinator

Maureen Dube

Integration Specialist-Data & Business; Head Coach-Girls Varsity Volleyball

Kelly Edwards

Director of Development

Ashley Eggebrecht

Faculty, English (MS, US)

Curtis Erlinger

Faculty, Fine Arts-Visual (US)

Ginny Fendell

Director of Health and Wellness; Faculty, PE Foundations (US)

Mary Kate File

Faculty, Fine Arts-Vocal Music (MS, US)

Leah Fiske

Athletics, Head Coach-Varsity Dance

Daniel Fleming

Faculty, Science (US); Coach-Boys MS Soccer
1 2 3 4 > showing 1 - 28 of 96 constituents