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In January 2021, Head of School John Delautre announced he will retire at the conclusion of the 2021-22 school year.  Whitfield School has employed Educators' Collaborative to conduct a national search for our next Head of School.  

When I first visited Whitfield almost 10 years ago, I was impressed by the many strengths I encountered in this community.  I was particularly struck by the school’s history, mission, and culture – what I call a school’s “heart’ – which had combined over the years to create a uniquely supportive environment in which students could realize their full potential as learners and as citizens...To have concluded my career at Whitfield, and to have been the beneficiary of so much support, guidance, collaboration, and shared commitment, represents a level of privilege and good fortune that no one could claim to have deserved. Thus, my feeling at this moment is one of overwhelming gratitude.

John Delautre, Head of School 2012 - present


Advisory Committee & Finalists Announced


Dear Whitfield Community,

It has been a busy month since I last updated you on the progress of the search for the next Head of Whitfield School.  The Information for Candidates document describing the key attributes of Whitfield, along with the qualities sought in the next Head, received a strong response and interest from a large number of highly qualified candidates.  From a diverse field of candidates, the Search Committee, in conjunction with our consultants from Educators Collaborative, narrowed the candidate pool to eight semi-finalists.  Each of these semi-finalists was interviewed by the Search Committee and all possessed outstanding personal and professional qualities.  After careful consideration, four candidates have been named finalists.  Selection of the final candidates was done with great care and in alignment with Whitfield’s mission (respect for our core values of student-centered learning, character education, and equity and inclusion) and an eye toward the future.  I am confident you will be impressed with all of the finalists.

Advisory Committee
When I last wrote to you, I described the role of the Advisory Committee and requested nominations. I want to thank the many of you who self-nominated or nominated someone to participate on the Advisory Committee.  We had a tremendous response to this call, and we are grateful for the broad interest.  The Advisory Committee will be made up of the following individuals:

Larry Hays - Faculty and Co-Chair
Jim Koman - Parent and Co-Chair
Miller Boyd - Faculty
Christi Brandenstein - Parent
Brian Chao '08 - Alumnus
Dave Cooperstein - Parent
Rachel Gassner - Faculty
Savannah Harris '22 - Student
Amanda Henry - Staff
Sheldon Jackson - Parent
Michal Kwiecien - Faculty
Laura Lotz '95 - Faculty, Alumna
Gemar McBurrows '22 - Student
Cary Murphy - Parent
Melika Panneri - Parent
Mikia Pollard - Parent
Mary Schnitzler - Faculty  

Final Candidates on Campus
We will be welcoming the finalists to campus beginning the end of next week for two-day interviews.  The candidates are scheduled for May 6 & 7, May 10 & 11, May 13 & 14 and May 17 & 18.  While the candidates are here, they will meet with faculty and staff, students, Administrative Team members, the Advisory Committee, the Search Committee and the Board of Trustees. 

Virtual Parent Forums
In addition, we will hold four virtual parent forums.  These virtual parent forums will be held from 7:30 - 8:30 PM on May 6, 10, 13 and 17. Approximately two days prior to each candidate visit, we will forward to the parent community a brief bio, the Zoom link to the virtual forum, and a form to submit questions for the candidates. Following each virtual parent forum, participants will receive a confidential feedback form. Parents, please plan to join us for as many of these sessions as your schedule allows, and help us show the candidates Whitfield's vibrant Warrior sprit. After all, as we are evaluating them, they are also evaluating us!  

This is a very exciting time in our School’s history.  I thank you for your continued engagement and commitment to this process and, most importantly, for being a valued member of this special community. 

Karen Myers
Chair, Search Committee
Whitfield Board of Trustees

The Search Committee is responsible for vetting all highly qualified candidates presented by Educators’ Collaborative, keeping the Whitfield community informed and engaged throughout the process while maintaining the confidentiality of the recruitment process, and facilitating the leadership transition into the school.

The Committee will arrange and conduct interviews with the candidates. Final candidates will visit Whitfield for two full days of interviews. After these visits, the Search Committee, along with input from the community, will identify and recommend its finalist to the Board of Trustees.


Search Committee

Karen Myers, Committee Chair

Board of Trustees
Parent of Katherine '13, Sarah '16, Julia '16


Kinyetta Alexander

Board of Trustees
Parent of Chris '17, Isaiah '21

Andy Bryan

Board of Trustees
Parent of Whitney '25, Andrew '27, Catherine '28

Rob Fox '74

Board of Trustees
Parent of Jeffrey '01, Elizabeth '03, Joanna '07, Nathan '24

Michele Holton

Board of Trustees
Parent of Max '20

Corey Jones

Parent of Taryn '24, Fallon '27

Phillip Levy

Board of Trustees
Parent of Morgan '15, Michael '17

Paul Minorini

Board of Trustees Chair
Parent of Anthony '12, Hannah '15, Kate '16

Steve Nordlund

Board of Trustees
Parent of Henry '21, Althea '23

Melissa Howe O'Connor '08

David Ressner

Board of Trustees
Parent of Abby '23

Advisory Committee

Jim Koman, Committee Co-Chair

Parent of Michael '22

Larry Hays, Committee Co-Chair


Miller Boyd


Christi Brandenstein

Parent of Zoe '21, Mia '23, Evi '27

Brian Chao '08

Dave Cooperstein

Parent of Grace '25

Rachel Gassner


Savannah Harris '22

Amanda Henry


Sheldon Jackson

Parent of Treazure '23, Sheldon '24

Michal Kwiecien


Laura Lotz '95

Parent of Addison '21

Gemar McBurrows '22

Cary Murphy

Parent of Winnie '26, Rush '27

Melika Panneri

Parent of Cohen '24

Mikia Pollard

Parent of Journey '25

Mary Schnitzler





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