Middle school boy working on social studies assignment

Whitfield School cultivates ethical, confident, successful students in a community of innovation, collaboration, and trust.

Why lead with "ethical"?

Whitfield’s mission statement functions as a real-life guide to our everyday practice. We start with “ethical” because good character is the cornerstone of everything we teach—in the classroom, on the playing field, in our halls. Today’s high-tech students are connected and empowered in ways previously undreamed of, and it matters deeply that they understand their moral obligations to self, family and community.

What is the role of innovation?

To prepare students for a world that is undergoing enormous change, we must both honor the legacy of traditional education and recognize the importance of innovative thinking. Every course at Whitfield is designed to address essential questions that reflect the needs and realities of the 21st century while also building excellent academic skills. To strengthen the learning process we employ project-based instruction wherever appropriate and a variety of assessment strategies. Whitfield’s commitment to instructional technology also serves as a powerful catalyst to innovation and has received national acclaim along the way.

What is Whitfield's definition of success?

Our job is to prepare students to reach their highest personal and academic goals and pave the way for future growth. For one student that may mean an in-depth grounding in the sciences, for another fluency in a foreign language, for yet another early admission to a premier college program. Ultimately, success is the product of the right academic skills and personal qualities, like perseverance and compassion. This kind of preparation is only possible in a close-knit academic environment where each child’s strengths are known and cultivated.

Why is collaboration important?

A collaborative school environment enhances academic achievement. We gain essential insight from the perspectives of others and do our best work in a supportive atmosphere where risk taking is encouraged. Collaboration—among students and between students and faculty—is also the practical expression of Whitfield’s commitment to community. If trust is the glue that holds us together, then working together, in the classroom or art studio, on an athletic team, or in a myriad of student activities, is how we express that ideal.