2020 Endowed Faculty Chairs Awarded

Whitfield Head of School John Delautre awarded the 2020 Endowed Faculty Chairs on Friday, September 18, 2020. These awards bring community recognition and encouragement to exemplary Whitfield teachers. They also provide teacher-awardees with an annual stipend as a tangible sign of the appreciation of the entire Whitfield community for these teachers' hard work and leadership.

Currently, the School offers seven endowed faculty chairs; the Catherine Marie Connors ’89 Science Chair, the Jerry & Judy Kent Family Language Chair, the Richard B. Kobusch Humanities Chair, the Arthur & Helen Baer Foundation Visual Arts Chair, the Amy Allen Cano Performing Arts Chair, the William W. Daues Athletic Chair, and the Whitfield School Mathematics Chair. Except for the Athletic Chair, each is held for two years. Two Richard B. Kobusch Humanities Chairs are held concurrently, with each awarded on alternating years. Endowed faculty chairs are established through generous gifts to Whitfield's endowment.

2020 Endowed Chair Recipients

William W. Daues Athletics Chair:  Jeff Cacciatore

Richard B. Kobusch Humanities Chair:  Matt Coryell

Jerry & Judy Kent Family Language Chair:  Rachel Gassner

Catherine Marie Connors ’89 Science Chair:  Eugene Logusch

Arthur & Helen Baer Foundation Visual Arts Chair: Curtis Erlinger


Jeff Cacciatore, faculty member
Matt Coryell, faculty member
Rachel Gassner, faculty member
Eugene Logusch, faculty member