Celebrating eLearning Creativity Through Video Logs

One component of the English 9 eLearning coursework is the “Pandemic Video Log,” a student-recorded video in which students respond to daily prompts provided by faculty member Sari Rotskoff '00. The video logs give students the opportunity to record their reflections about this unprecedented time in history. For their fourth entry, students were asked to name some things they have always wanted to learn, read, watch or do for which they have never had time until now. Then in their video log, they shared their responses by showing off a new activity, a piece of writing or artwork or even a new TikTok. Ms. Rotskoff compiled clips and screen grabs from the students’ video logs and created a video (click the image below to view the video).

“Their responses to this prompt were my favorite video logs so far,” said Ms. Rotskoff. “The students opened a window into their moments of joy and creativity during this difficult time. I created this video with the hope of making them smile and as a way to stay connected to their classmates.”