Cultivating Leaders

Whitfield’s Leadership Development Series is designed to assist Upper School students, already identified as leaders in our community, recognize, practice, and enhance their leadership skills. The program strengthens the connection between the Habits of Mind & Heart to the practice of leadership. Participants meet monthly on Thursday mornings before school and engage in discussions and hands-on activities to explore and develop their leadership skills.

The Leadership Development Series, led by Director of Equity & Inclusion Anna Warbelow, is now in its third year.

“The program is focused on ‘what it means to be a leader’ and ‘how do you use your leadership skills’,” said Dr. Warbelow. “Students take a couple of different inventories that help them explore their personal leadership styles and they learn how to leverage their personal leadership strengths. They also develop an understanding that being a leader isn’t positional—it’s about who you are and how you act in your everyday life.”

This year 25 students are participating in the Leadership Development Series. Topics and activities include Leadership in Everyday Moments, True Colors Leadership Inventory, Connecting Leadership to VIA Character Strengths, Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Inclusive Leadership, Decision Making, and Collaboration.

Brian Dunagan ’22 believes the Leadership Development Series is a great resource for the community.

“I think that when students embody and exhibit leadership characteristics—whether we are in positions of leadership or not—it creates a much more harmonious school environment where people feel a lot more welcome, heard, and accepted,” said Dunagan. When we show up as leaders in those everyday moments, we are truly valuing the Habits of Mind & Heart.”