Developing Cultural Competence & Confidence

In World Cultures & Geography, seventh grade students examine in depth the unique aspects of Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and Pacific cultures. Through hands-on activities, simulations, and exposure to various forms of literature and film, students strengthen their critical thinking, writing, presentation, and research skills. As an example of how Whitfield prepares its students for college and the workforce, this class also offers the opportunity to strengthen both digital fluency as well as cultural competence, one of our six Habits of Mind & Heart

Beginning this week, students will engage in a research project focused on one of five Asian countries: China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, or India. Working in teams of two or three, students will select and research  their country, then design and deliver a presentation to their peers.

These Middle School students will strengthen their digital fluency by using a variety of tech tools. Such tools include: library resources to research their country’s elements of culture (language, arts & literature, religion, government, economic systems, social structure, and geography); OneNote notebooks to collect and organize information; Zoom to meet and collaborate; and, Google Slides to create their presentation.

“This project will strengthen the research, writing, and design skills that my students used to create their recent Africa Infographic Projects and further develop their confidence in delivering presentations. At the same time, they will gain a greater appreciation of differences and similarities between cultures,” said faculty member Mary Schnitzler.