Pledge Drive: We are ONE Community!

Pledge Drive: We are ONE Community!

Dear Whitfield School friends, 

As the new Director of Development, I have been continually impressed by the people who make up our community — the bright and curious students who move through our spaces and are building foundations for successful and interesting lives, the teachers who constantly innovate and adapt to help our students thrive in our changing world, the parents who choose to entrust their children to us, and our wider community who supports us in these endeavors. There is no other place quite like Whitfield! I am proud to be an administrator and also a Whitfield parent. 

Whitfield School’s Pledge Drive is underway! This drive and the Green and White Gala are our two fundraising initiatives this year. Our goal is to raise $1.2 million and to have 100% participation from families, faculty, staff, and trustees. 

Your generosity helps us continue to build the greatest middle and high school in the St. Louis area. It helps maintain and improve our building and grounds, continually refining our space to make it the most conducive to learning. It offers professional development to our teachers, allowing them to continue to learn, grow, and improve. It helps make a Whitfield education affordable so that every Warrior who should receive a Whitfield education can. 

A high level of participation in the Whitfield Fund demonstrates our community’s investment in our school and its mission. This year, we hope that our parent community will match the 100% participation rate of our Faculty, Staff, and Trustees by pledging your support by September 22, 2023. Participation can be donating now or pledging to donate and fulfilling this commitment by May 1, 2023. EveryONE can give at a level that is comfortable for their family. 

My family’s support is a symbol of our gratitude for the superior education our son James receives at Whitfield. I invite you to join me in giving generously to the Whitfield Fund by making your gift or pledge today. Thank you to all who have already supported the annual fund this week. I know by Friday, we, as ONE community, will reach our goal. 


Kathleen Kelly
Director of Development

We are ONE Community!