Rising Seniors Dive into STEM Exploration This Summer

Rising Seniors Dive into STEM Exploration This Summer

As the summer sun beckons, rising seniors from the Class of 2025 across the nation are immersing themselves in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through various enriching programs. These experiences not only serve as differentiators in college applications but also pave the way for future pursuits in specialized fields. At Whitfield School, where STEM projects have ignited a passion for scientific inquiry, students like Diana Hunigan, Haley Broussard, Ashley Stoddard, and Caroline Dahlhoff are seizing the opportunity to delve deeper into their interests with remarkable summer programs.

Diana Hunigan, an aspiring scientist with a keen interest in life sciences, has been selected to attend the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Life Sciences Quest summer academy at the University of Missouri in Columbia. For five days, Diana will explore various facets of life sciences alongside Mizzou faculty and industry partners. From hands-on experiences in biochemistry and nutrition labs to insightful discussions on ethical issues in agriculture, Diana's time at the academy promises to deepen her understanding of human, animal, and plant genetics. 

Haley Broussard, driven by her fascination with marine science, is all set to join the senior program Marine Quest at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Over the course of a week, Haley will delve into Environmental Issues, exploring topics such as climate change, sea-level rise, and biodiversity loss. Her days will be filled with hands-on fieldwork and laboratory research, allowing her to collect crucial data on the state of the coast and ocean. From meeting esteemed marine scientists to kayaking in coastal habitats, every moment promises to deepen Haley's understanding of marine ecosystems and conservation efforts.

Ashley Stoddard is gearing up for a dual adventure, starting with her participation alongside Haley in the Marine Quest program. Furthermore, Ashley will venture into the world of marine biology through the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) at the University of Miami. This nine-day intensive program offers Ashley the opportunity to explore marine life in-depth, from the intricate ecosystems to conservation strategies. With a focus on hands-on learning and interaction with industry professionals, Ashley's time at NSLC promises to fuel her passion for marine science and inspire future endeavors in the field.

Caroline Dahlhoff is embracing the excitement of space exploration through Space - The Final Frontier Camp at S&T. Throughout the camp, Caroline will design and construct a small spacecraft, culminating in a high-altitude balloon launch to 100,000 feet. Guided by aerospace engineering faculty and students, Caroline's experience underscores the boundless possibilities of space exploration and ignites a passion for discovery that will shape her future endeavors.

For rising seniors like Diana, Haley, Ashley, and Caroline, these summer programs represent more than just educational experiences—they are stepping stones towards fulfilling their aspirations in STEM. As colleges increasingly seek applicants with a demonstrated commitment to their fields of interest, their dedication to exploring scientific disciplines sets them apart. Through Whitfield High School's emphasis on STEM education and hands-on projects, these students have cultivated a profound appreciation for scientific inquiry, propelling them towards a future enriched by discovery and innovation. As they embark on their summer adventures, their pursuit of STEM serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scientists and engineers alike.