Senior Human Rights Documentary Film Screenings

Senior Human Rights Documentary Film Screenings

Seniors enrolled in Dr. Kwiecien's Human Rights course have dedicated several weeks to researching various mass crimes such as genocides, wars, refugee crises, ethnic cleansing campaigns, and expulsions. As part of their research, they have created documentary films to convey their findings.

The focus of these presentations lies in the seniors' commitment to using their documentaries as a means to communicate messages of healing, acceptance, reconciliation, and genocide prevention. Their dedication to promoting peace and understanding through their work is evident.

These presentations, taking place in the IC during April 23-26, will not only serve as a platform for the seniors to showcase their hard work and dedication but also provide an opportunity to commemorate acts and events that are often overlooked in historical memory. Through their research and presentations, the seniors aim to shed light on these significant events and draw attention to their lasting impact on society.

Mia Devrouax & Max Megargel
Untold Stories: The Sudanese Genocide

Ella Rogan, Praveen Chakinala, Nolan Pinkley
A Legacy of Greed: King Leopold’s Genocide in Congo

Annika Capellupo, Jada Griffin, Hudson Richards, Sam King
Eternal Echoes: Remembering the Lost Souls of the Lakota Genocide

Sarah Wooten, Jocelyn Kazmierski, Spencer Kaye, Mia Schlottmann
The Silent Holocaust: Uncovering Guatemala’s Genocidal Past

Sammy Parsons & Sloane Shatzer
A Classless Utopia: The Genocide in Cambodia

Sheldon Jackson, Sydnie Williams, Cohen Panneri
Always Watching: China’s Genocide of the Uyghur Muslims

 Lucas Babusis & Patrick Miley
Accounts from Ukraine: Resisting Genocide, Putin’s Unjust Invasion, and Warmongering

Audrey Long, Kira Glanton, Katie Kuplent, Lucy Heidenry
Buried Beneath: The Cambodian Genocide Explained

 Andrew Cochran, Perry Rogan, Daphne Hull, Nihar Murali
The Devastating Consequence of Colonialism: The Rwandan Genocide

 Alexis Albovias, Isabelle Zhang, Safiya Butler, Sophie Beracha
No End In Sight: The Genocide of Uyghur Muslims

 Aanya Siddiqui, Elanah Sykes, Lorenzo Gray-Liva, Taryn Jones
Truth Amidst Tensions: Navigating Ethical Media Use in Israel-Palestine Relations

Adrian Harrold, Ashton Whitfield, Robbie Hill
Generational Trauma: The Lasting Impact of the Rwandan Genocide

Maggie McGuire & Taylor Gardner
Legacy of Loss: Reflecting on Bosnia and Guatemala’s Genocides

Anna Gau, Oliver Niemann, Natalie Glidewell, Phillip Mihalevich
Exploited, Enslaved, and Extinct: The Taino People’s Survival Under Spanish Conquest