Senior Retrospective Opens May 13

Whitfield's Senior Retrospective Virtual Show opened Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Click here to enter and walk through the virtual gallery. The gallery will take approximately two minutes to load.

This annual exhibit showcases both the best work and the artistic evolution of graduating seniors in the school's visual arts program. This year, 27 seniors are participating in the show.

Click here to visit the Senior Retrospective page on our website.

Senior Retrospective Participants

Olivia Barnes Audrey Jennings Maddie Seemiller
Kaelyn Beeman Ellie Lefton Ryan Smith
Jillian Bhuyan Mohan Li Nina Steinberg
Julia Chrysler Sam McClellan Elijah Sykes
Zaria Daniels Jade Moore Nic Taylor
Donny Diemer Abby Morgan Emily Underwood
Mahlet Fentaw Maggie Okun Kylie Wagner
Dinah Garrison Matt Schueddig Robbie Wetzel
Matthew Harkwell Naya Shacham Rebecca Zlepper