The Challenge: Design the Mission & Vision

The Challenge: Design the Mission & Vision

Calling all Whitfield students! As Dr. Cunningham shared in assembly today, February 13, we would like you help displaying our updated mission and first-ever vision statement.

The mission (pun intended), should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

  • You must use the full and exact wording of the Mission and/or Vision.

  • The design can be digital or done by hand; color or black and white; painted, drawn, printed, collage, etc.--any medium you think will be effective.

  • You may include the seal, but that is not required.

  • Your design must fit within a 7" x 9" rectangular space. (You don't need to fill that entire space, but you shouldn't go larger.)

  • Criteria for evaluating the submissions include 1) creativity and originality, 2) the clarity/legibility of the statement(s), 3) the aesthetic quality and execution of the design, and 4) overall impact.

  • Multiple entries are allowed.

  • Entries must be submitted to Ms. Solomon by Monday, February 26.

  • Please see images for Mission and Vision statements.