The Hero's Journey in Film

In seventh grade English class, students’ first unit, The Challenge of Heroism, begins with an examination of what it means to be a hero, followed by an exploration of archetypes in literature (through characters, settings, and story patterns). Their study has included the archetype of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey which describes a plot pattern that shows the development of a hero.

After identifying examples in their summer reading book, The Hunger Games, students applied the same process of assessment to the stages of a hero's journey in film. Students watched different films from an approved list, tracked the stages of the Hero in their film, then depicted their hero’s journey on a poster. Each poster includes a chart, diagram, or map that explains the plot and what stage of the hero's journey applies to that event. Students were required to include at least 10 events in the story and to list archetypes that occur in the film. They practiced presentation and public speaking skills by sharing their posters in class.

"I have been amazed at the connections students have made, and I am excited to share this work with our school and community," said faculty member Ashley Eggebrecht. "Their posters will be on display in my room (303) on Back to School Night."