The Odyssey Returns

The Odyssey Returns

Dear Whitfield, 

Ms. Eggebrecht’s Journalism class is thrilled to announce the long-awaited return of Whitfield’s student publication, The Odyssey. After being out of commission for 15 years, the school newspaper is finally back, and better than ever! This edition features a remarkable array of 14 diverse categories and 20 captivating articles; from Spirit Week coverage to faculty interviews, The Odyssey has something for every reader. Over the course of eight weeks, our dedicated team of journalists embarked on a relentless journey to capture the story of Whitfield. We conducted interviews,  contacted specialists, and surveyed students. In the end, we proudly produced 25 stories; of those, 20 were carefully handpicked to be shared with you. Our blood, sweat, and ink have gone into these stories, and we hope that you will find the time to peruse an article or two! 

The essence of our newspaper is perhaps best summed up by our mission statement: “The Odyssey is a student-run newspaper that empowers students to be heard on issues, passions, concerns, and experiences. We are committed to serving and representing our school through the pursuit of curiosity, integrity, and truth.”  We journalists have done our best to probe every corner of Whitfield, and shine light on all of the stories. We have done our best to uplift the voices of Whitfield, and we hope you will enjoy reading them.


Isabelle Zhang '24

Read The Odyssey here.