Two Whitfield Students Compete at the United Premier Soccer League's National Finals

Two Whitfield Students Compete at the United Premier Soccer League's National Finals

In the vibrant world of semi-professional soccer, two students from Whitfield School, Braydon Sellers '24 and Tyler Sargent '23, have made significant strides. Their journey took them to the highly competitive United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) Fall 2023 National Finals in Irvine, California, a testament to their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. The UPSL, established in 2011, represents the unofficial fourth tier of US Soccer, encompassing more than 500 teams across its Premier, Division 1, Women's, and Academy divisions; it stands as North America's largest Pro Development League. This expansive league showcases the nation's top semi-professional talent, making the achievements of Sellers and Sargent all the more impressive.

Representing St. Louis City SC, the duo played pivotal roles in their team's journey to the finals. Their path was marked by a significant victory against Columbus Crew in the Semi-Final on Friday. This win advanced them to the final, a challenging match against Chiriaco FC, the overall number one seed from Coachella Valley, California, representing the West Region. Despite St. Louis City SC's relentless effort, the match concluded with a 1-2 defeat to Chiriaco FC. Yet, the loss does not overshadow the achievements of Sellers, Sargent, and their teammates. Their journey to the UPSL National Finals underscores the talent and potential within Whitfield School's walls and the broader St. Louis region.

For Sellers and Sargent, participating in such a prestigious event not only highlights their individual talents but also serves as a valuable experience in their athletic careers. Their participation in the UPSL National Finals is a source of pride for Whitfield School and the St. Louis soccer community. It exemplifies the opportunities available to young athletes in the United States' soccer landscape and the potential paths to greater achievements in the sport. As Braydon Sellers and Tyler Sargent continue their soccer journey, they carry with them the experiences, lessons, and memories from the UPSL National Finals, ready to tackle future challenges and continue their ascent in the world of soccer.

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