Whitfield Juniors Unveil "The Story of America" Exhibit

Whitfield Juniors Unveil "The Story of America" Exhibit

On Thursday, May 16th, Whitfield's Koman Commons became a vibrant exhibition hall as the culmination of a year-long project, "The Story of America: Past, Present, and Future," opened its doors. Parents, special guests, and the entire Whitfield community were invited to explore the work of the junior class.

The exhibit was a resounding success. Junior curators guided visitors through their displays, explaining the evolution of their projects from initial ideas to final presentations. Each exhibit offered a unique perspective on the American story, delving into the past, examining the present, and proposing visions for the future. Visuals, historical artifacts, and engaging digital presentations brought these stories to life.

A video presentation running throughout the evening added another layer to the experience. In it, the juniors discussed the project's challenges, highlighting the importance of overcoming obstacles in the learning process.

"The Story of America" stands as a testament to the intellectual depth, creativity, and collaboration skills of Whitfield's junior class. It's more than just a display of historical knowledge; it's a showcase of how these students grapple with complex issues, analyze the present, and envision the future.

This exhibit is a truly American artifact in itself. It represents countless hours of research, reading, writing, and collaboration. More importantly, it's a snapshot of the future – created by the Class of 2025, the next generation of American scholars and leaders.

Congratulations to all the participating students!