Whitfield on the Cover of Town & Style Magazine!

Whitfield on the Cover of Town & Style Magazine!

Make sure to pick up the September 20th edition of Town & Style Magazine at your local supermarket!

Pictured on the cover is Taryn Jones '24 whose smile outshines the multitude of colleges and colors jockeying for attention behind her. In many ways, the cover image reflects Whitfield's approach to the college choice experience: purposeful, personalized, and without stress.

Recognized locally and nationally for its exceptional program, Whitfield's college counseling team mirrors the school's student-centered approach by offering a tailor-made experience for students and their families. Director of College Counseling Amanda Henry and Associate Director of College Counseling Ebony Sistrunk build trusting relationships with their advisee families by carefully outlining expectations and roles for counselors, parents, and students, as well as maintaining frequent contact between home and school. Whitfield’s school size, with an average graduating class of 75 students, can be attributed to making much of this possible. Intentionality is evident in all aspects of the college choice experience from caseload to programming embedded in the school day to expedited deadlines.

Whitfield’s College Counseling program is designed to help students understand their strengths, interests, talents, and needs in order to ensure each individual identifies the best fit post-graduation. Through a multi-year, individualized advising model, students are guided toward collegiate experiences that will continue to challenge and support their academic and personal growth.

Like all departments at Whitfield, the college counseling program uses a spiraling curriculum with an emphasis on individualization. The college counseling program begins informally in sixth grade, becomes more detailed and strategic in the ninth and tenth grades, and evolves into a one-on-one student/parent/counselor partnership in eleventh and twelfth grades. Whitfield families value the personalization, professionalism, and low-stress approach of the school’s college choice process which distinguishes it from all other schools in the region.

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Cover concept and photo by Geoff Story.