Whitfield School's Advanced Mandarin Students Enjoyed an Educational Trip to Taiwan

Whitfield School's Advanced Mandarin Students Enjoyed an Educational Trip to Taiwan

During Spring Break, a group of advanced Mandarin students from Whitfield School embarked on an educational journey to Taiwan, immersing themselves in the language, culture, and history of the island nation. Accompanied by their chaperones, Mrs. Amy Muggleton from the World Languages department and Dr. Michal Kwiecien from the Social Studies department, the students embarked on a memorable adventure filled with enriching experiences.

From the moment they arrived in Taipei, the students were eager to explore and engage with the local culture. Their itinerary included visits to iconic landmarks such as The Presidential Office and the historic Ximen Red House, providing them with valuable insights into Taiwan's rich history.

Throughout their stay, the students had the opportunity to practice their Mandarin skills in real-life situations by interacting with the locals. They enjoyed authentic Taiwanese cuisine, participated in cultural activities, and even tried their hand at making traditional oil-paper umbrellas.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the visits to historic sites and scenic attractions such as the National Palace Museum, Sun Moon Lake, and Kaohsiung's Pier 2 Art Center. These experiences not only deepened the students' understanding of Taiwanese culture but also broadened their perspectives on the world.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Muggleton and Dr. Kwiecien, the students engaged in meaningful discussions about the cultural, historical, and social significance of their experiences. They reflected on the similarities and differences between Taiwanese and American culture, fostering a greater appreciation for diversity and global perspectives.

As the trip came to an end, the students returned home with a newfound appreciation for the Mandarin language and Taiwanese culture. The journey had not only enhanced their language skills but also enriched their understanding of the world around them. With memories to cherish and lessons learned, the students expressed gratitude to their chaperones and Whitfield School for providing them with this unforgettable opportunity.