Faculty member using the whiteboard during math class

Students in grades 6-12 take required courses in English, math, science, social studies, arts, and world languages every year. Additional science and humanities electives allow students to explore specific topics in greater depth. AP courses in math, science, and languages are also available. As a community, Whitfield values hard work and honesty; students are expected to demonstrate a high degree of academic integrity at all times.



As a community, Whitfield values hard work and honesty; therefore, a lack of academic integrity, cheating, dishonesty or negative behavior will not be tolerated.  

Honor Code: We are committed to academic excellence and social responsibility, and to demonstrating respect, honesty and scholarship. As individuals, we assume the responsibility to preserve the ethical, academic and moral values of the community. The success of this Honor Code depends upon trustworthy behavior on the part of all involved.

Personal Code of Conduct: Everyone in the Whitfield School family, regardless of age or status, must treat one's self and each other with respect, honesty and compassion.  Whitfield students carry the responsibility of appropriate and respectful behavior on or off campus, and, at all times, serve as representatives of the school to the community at large.