Approach to eLearning

Middle School faculty member Mary Schnitzler during an eLearning class

In addition to providing academic engagement and continuity when on-campus learning is not possible, Whitfield’s approach to eLearning places special emphasis on three mindsets that are critical to the Whitfield student experience but often overlooked in distance education programs: relationships & facetime, collaboration & discussion, and physical & mental wellness. The school’s extraordinary faculty, inclusive 1:1 technology program, and recognition of the home as a unique learning experience together guide student transitions between on-campus and off-campus learning.

Whitfield is planning for on-campus learning for the 2020-21 school year. 

Visit our Healthy Together webpage for the most up-to-date messages from our Head of School as we plan for a healthy and safe return to campus.

Healthy Together

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We designed our eLearning program with the understanding that Whitfield’s faculty and staff facilitate academic excellence through relationships, and the strength of our community is built upon the partnership between our families and the school. The expectations for our community (listed below), while outlined for eLearning are Whitfield expectations, rooted in core values of the School’s mission: innovation, collaboration and trust. 




Students: we are still here for you!  We are all working to support students and parents through email, google hangouts, zoom, and telephone calls.  Contact us through the information below.

Ginny Fendell
Director of Health & Wellness
Mead Ploszay
Director of Teaching & Learning
Anna Warbelow
Director of Equity & Inclusion


If you have general questions or feedback about eLearning, please contact: