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Cara Foster teaching ceramics with one student in-person and one via the OWL conference camera

Whitfield opened its doors for in-person learning on August 25, 2020.  In doing so, it launched the technological infrastructure, teaching practices and curriculum to create a "borderless classroom."  Whether participating in Live Remote Learning from home, or in-person on campus, all Whitfield students benefit from a single, shared educational experience.  


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The sudden and unprecedented closure of Whitfield’s physical campus because of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged our faculty and administration to design a ‘virtual campus’ that would facilitate a robust eLearning experience. While other schools slowed down the pace of learning in the face of the challenges presented, we leaned into this shift, seeing it as an opportunity to evaluate, innovate and evolve; to reaffirm our foundation as a school dedicated to relationships, and to update our processes and delivery systems to emerge as a more relevant and, responsive school.  

We used all that we learned last spring as a starting point to develop plans for the 2020-21 school year.  The flexibility and determination of Whitfield's faculty and administration is a great strength.  As we diversify our curriculum and delivery, we prepare ourselves to pivot from on-campus to remote learning should the need arise.  Also, we further develop an ability to individualize instruction and engage and inspire every Whitfield student. To this end, both academic and technology administrators offered a full calendar of professional development opportunities for faculty over the summer to help them integrate new learning tools and academic structures.  Specific examples include the establishment of a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis to enhance our science curriculum with digital elements, and an increase of inquiry-based and project-based learning to leverage the benefits of remote learning.


With Owl Labs videoconferencing systems in place in every classroom, faculty teach those in-person and those remote simultaneously. 

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To support students and parents virtually, contact us through the information below.

Ginny Fendell
Director of Health & Wellness
Mead Ploszay
Director of Teaching & Learning
Anna Warbelow
Director of Equity & Inclusion

eLEARNING: Spring 2020

In spring 2020, we designed an eLearning program with the understanding that Whitfield’s faculty and staff facilitate academic excellence through relationships, and the strength of our community is built upon the partnership between our families and the school. The expectations for our community (listed below), while outlined for eLearning are Whitfield expectations, rooted in core values of the School’s mission: innovation, collaboration and trust. 


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