Academic Leadership

Principal Ruth Greathouse

Ruth Greathouse

Principal / Joined Whitfield in 1985

"Whitfield is a vibrant community, populated by dedicated professionals, families who value quality education and enthusiastic students who are willing to embrace their experience with a growth mindset.  As an educator, it is my responsibility to help students work toward independence as learners.  Whitfield’s Habits of Mind & Heart provide a solid foundation for students to understand who they are as scholars, local and global citizens, people of character, and well-balanced leaders of tomorrow."

Jarrett Young

Middle School Director / Joined Whitfield in 2017

"Whitfield School lives its mission and works to impart character education as students pursue academic excellence. The school's strength is that every student is known, trusted and respected. It is our goal to ensure that the community enables students to discover their passions both academic and co-curricular, which will serve students at Whitfield and beyond."

Sara Ringe

Upper School Director / Joined Whitfield in 2003

"We take college prep to heart. Courses challenge students as thinkers, writers, readers and collaborators. The 9th and 10th grades provide broad and rich experiences that cultivate a shared sense of values and a common set of skills. In the 11th and 12th grade, students explore more specific fields of interest, and dig deeply into topics they may pursue beyond high school. Students graduate with a robust set of academic skills, an understanding of how to practically apply those skills, and a passion for service as they pursue their own goals."