STEAM Leadership

Matt DiGiulio

Director of Technology

"We are at our best when we’re working across boundaries and alongside others. Although it would be easier to stick to our silos, we thoughtfully weave the things that are important to us into the fabric of our academic program."

Lisa Barry Jenkins

Assistant Director of Technology

"We support students and faculty first and systems second.  The Support Desk is a hub where we  collaborate with students and faculty, explore technology options, answer questions, and provide support.  In classrooms our team consults with students on project ideation, leads workshops on new tools, and supports faculty.  Our 1:1 laptop program mirror's our commitment to the Habits of Mind & Heart, guiding students to healthy technology habits that they will take with them when they graduate."

Ashley Hastey

Technology Integration Specialist

"Student engagement starts with trust. I approach each task as though I were a student and focus on showing them the most efficient way to work.I feel fortunate to be able to help students develop strategies they can apply to achieve both academic and personal goals."

Andrew Asikainen

Computer Science Integration Specialist

“Whitfield is unique among most independent schools in this country in that our approach to college preparation is grounded in character education. Put very simply, for us, that means we are focused on preparing students, not just for college, but also for life. And that mission—to produce ethical, confident, successful graduates—permeates every aspect of our program.”