Ginny Fendell, MSW, LCSW

Director of Health & Wellness

"I help students cultivate emotional intelligence and develop an authentic sense of self. We use human strengths of character as a common language to help guide discussions and activities related to personal values, goal-setting, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. We want to provide every Whitfield student with ongoing opportunities to discover who they are and what they want to contribute to their group, their community, and the world."

Mead Ploszay, MS, LPC

Director of Teaching & Learning

"My goal is to help students understand their cognitive and personal strengths while also working to identify resources that allow them to maximize their learning. Learning takes self-regulation, self-advocacy, self-reflection and humility.  All of us at Whitfield are here to support the journey!"

Anna Warbelow, PhD

Director of Equity & Inclusion

"Whitfield is a very special place. It is a strong community of supportive faculty, staff and families that are truly dedicated to your child’s academic and personal development. It is a friendly environment where your student will be encouraged and pushed to his full potential. My children have received a strong and well rounded education and have become more confident and engaging young adults.  They have grown to be independent and dedicated students, who are active members of their communities. "

Matt DiGiulio

Director of Technology

“Whitfield is unique among most independent schools in this country in that our approach to college preparation is grounded in character education. Put very simply, for us, that means we are focused on preparing students, not just for college, but also for life. And that mission—to produce ethical, confident, successful graduates—permeates every aspect of our program.”