About St. Louis, MO

Nestled between two major rivers the Missouri and the Mighty Mississippi (that create the 4th largest waterway in the world), St. Louis boasts a proud history and continues to offer residents a vast array of cultural opportunities, community events, cutting-edge restaurants, winning professional sports teams, revered universities, and live music. 

With nearly 3 million people in the bi-state region, Greater St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in Missouri, the 2nd largest in Illinois, and the 22nd largest in the country. At 630 feet, the Gateway Arch is the world’s tallest arch and the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere.  Built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States, it is the centerpiece of the Gateway Arch National Park and the most recognizable symbol of the city. 

St. Louis is a center of medicine and biotechnology, it is home to ten Fortune 500 companies and Cortex Innovation Community, the largest innovation hub in the Midwest (generating 3,800 tech jobs in 14 years with projections to create ten thousand more upon project completion). While it’s true that sometimes you have to hunt, St. Louis truly has some of the most extraordinary offerings—all at the ready for the locals to enjoy!

Click these links to explore St. Louis! You'll find world-class museums and performing arts, parks with great hiking, biking and running trails, the best place to grab a burger, and activities for people of all ages.


Whitfield parents share qualities about St. Louis and the Midwest that set us apart from other parts of the country.

You really get all 4 seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring.

St. Louis is one of the most philanthropic cities in the country!

Chicago, Memphis, and Kansas City, etc. are all within driving distance and are close enough to visit for a long weekend.

St. Louis is the perfect blend of a large city with affordable housing, dining and theater. Very easy to navigate and traffic is always at a minimum!

A great place to raise a family. An easy-going lifestyle. At the center of activities around the whole country...it's easy to get to just about anywhere from the middle of the US.

St. Louis has over 40 professional and small professional theater companies, performing live theatrical productions on just about any weekend of the year.

St. Louis has incredible neighborhoods which reflect the amazing history. You can step into a different time and place by visiting places like The Hill, The Grove and the Central West End.

Free museums, beautiful public parks, cultural diversity, metro ride to baseball games.

You will never need to drive more than 15 minutes even in the worst traffic!

The water tastes great straight from the tap!

Many thanks to Whitfield parents for sharing their perspectives and advice about St. Louis!

Darcy Glidewell (Natalie '24), Asim Raza (Riyaz '24), Sharon Charmley (Jacob '23), Darci McCracken (Lucy '18, Dean '22),
Dyan McGuire (Maggie '24), Dave Cooperstein (Grace '25)