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Whitfield’s teaching and learning environment is designed to prepare students for a world that continues to shrink as technology connects us in real time, and global enterprise is the norm. A diverse student body broadens the perspectives and experiences shared in class discussions, thus broadening learning and preparing Whitfield students for the global realities they will face in college and beyond.




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By establishing an international program that includes students from around the world choosing to study at Whitfield, we are providing all Whitfield students first-hand opportunities to experience cultures different than their own—educating students to be curious, respectful and empathetic. In this way, we foster the development of “Cultural Competence,” one of the six Habits of Mind and Heart fundamental to the education of our students. Diversity among a small student population creates strong bonds among students of vastly different backgrounds. 


English Language Requirements and Support

International students must submit TOEFL scores or another equivalent to demonstrate the English language proficiency needed to engage thoroughly and thoughtfully in rigorous course work. For those students still developing the highest level of English proficiency, Whitfield offers two levels of English Language for International Students, which international students take in addition to the English class designated for their grade level. This class fulfills the school’s language requirement.

Because of our commitment to global learning, all Whitfield students are required to study an additional language through our World Languages department. Therefore, international students who demonstrate high English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening may enroll in another World Language instead of the English support class.

Host Housing for International Students

Accepted international applicants looking for a homestay experience can be placed with a Whitfield family. Students who choose to live with a homestay family find that this helps with cultural adaptation and by speaking English at home, it also improves language development. Contact us for more information on the homestay experience and the additional fees for this program.

Application Process

As is the case with all Whitfield students, international students need to demonstrate solid academic performance, receive strong teacher recommendations, and show co-curricular and community interests. Success in our classrooms requires students to possess a command of the English language—both oral and written.

The application for international students is the same as any other Whitfield applicant, including the SSAT test and an interview, which can be done as a video conference.

An English proficiency test is required. We recommend that students in applying for grades 6-8 submit TOEFL Jr scores, and we recommend that applicants for grades 9-11 submit TOEFL scores.

International students are required to pay an international fee in addition to Whitfield’s tuition.


For students who do not hold U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status, Whitfield will issue the SEVIS Form I-20 upon receipt of the required deposit and signed Enrollment Contract. The SEVIS Form I-20 must be presented to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the student’s country of residence. Upon completion of the family interview and review of materials, the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will then issue the student visa with F-1 status for entry to the United States and attendance at Whitfield.

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