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The best way to understand what it's like to be a student at Whitfield is to ask current we did!  Below, a panel of students share their perspective on classes, teachers, school spirit and, of course, lunch!

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What is your favorite class and why?

Winnie Murphy '26

My favorite class is theater. We do a lot of hands on activities like improv games and short skits, which are really fun. Also, you don't have to be good at acting or have any past experience to enjoy this class!

Derrick Palmer '25

Spanish because Senora Gassner makes class fun and includes lots of activities so it keeps your attention.

Grace Cooperstein '25

My favorite class is Civics because I like to talk about current events and have discussions. I also like English for mostly the same reasons.

Zack Tessler '24

This year my favorite class is history. I love history in general but Dr. Boyd takes it to a new level. I am always exited when I have his class!

Savannah Harris '22

English is my favorite class because it involves a lot of writing and real-world analysis. I love writing and my writing has grown plenty since 6th grade thanks to the awesome English teachers.

Describe the teaching style at Whitfield.

Ilana Boyer '23

It’s very student oriented and teachers really make sure that students are succeeding.

Zack Tessler '24

Whitfield teachers want you to succeed. They come in to school every day with a burning passion to help students grow. A lot of students at Whitfield will say that they learned without even knowing they were learning. Teachers make learning fun and conquerable.

Grace Cooperstein '25

It's very hands on. The teachers really help you work through problems. They also teach in very interesting ways whether it be through Kahoots, worksheets, or going outside.


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