Open House: October 17, 2021

Save the date! Join us on the afternoon of Sunday, October 17th for an in-depth tour to learn about our educational philosophy, strong academic program, and emphasis on character education. Prospective families will meet teachers and students in various academic areas during their one hour visit.


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Click the buttons below to view recordings of the breakout sessions offered at our Open House on October 25, 2020. 

Within our 6-12 environment, we  create a unique Middle School program (grades 6 - 8), with its own curriculum and culture.  In this session you will meet Middle School faculty members who are innovative, energetic, and passionate not just about their respective academic disciplines but about creating highly engaging Middle School classrooms.  Watch this session to hear about our overarching goal for the Middle School: to help our youngest students find their voice in and out of the classroom and recognize that they have the agency to create a positive and affirming experience.  

Whitfield's Upper School (grades 9 - 12) combines robust graduation requirements, with an academic experience that prepares students to be confident and self-aware scholars, leaders and citizens. Watch this session to meet students and teachers who will explain how the combination of small class sizes and our "teacher as coach" model ensures students are highly engaged and take ownership over their education, developing the personal responsibility to graduate ready for college and life. 

Whitfield's college counseling program builds upon students' unique strengths and interests, helping each of them to find the right university. We are not just preparing students for entry into college; we are also cultivating the skills and habits our graduates need to find sustained success throughout college and beyond. In this session our college counselors and young alumni talk about Whitfield’s in-depth and highly personalized college counseling process and how we prepare our students for the transition to college. 

At Whitfield, arts are viewed as a language to be manipulated, and also as an integral part of the creative problem-solving process within any discipline. The arts program is designed to develop language and communication skills as well as to promote a positive self-concept, social awareness, empathy, and an understanding of the art of performance. This session describes how our arts curriculum provides students with the resources needed to help them take risks, develop their imaginations, and learn creative problem-solving techniques.

What students learn at Whitfield is not confined to the classroom.  Whitfield students are busy as they engage with their academic coursework, collaborate with their peers, discover new passions, and develop as leaders.  For many of our students, community involvement includes participating in sports.  Find out why 80% of Whitfield students choose to join an athletic team even though participation is not mandatory.  Learn about our how our no-cut policy allows for the development of athletes at all levels and how the Habits of Mind & Heart are practiced in the sports arena.

Across grade levels and academic departments, our students and teachers immerse themselves in STEAM-forward learning in ways that are meaningful, authentic, and, most importantly, relevant.  In this session, learn about our integrated approach to technology.  An abundance of hardware and software presents an equally abundant number of opportunities to teach innovative thinking and computer science skills and to guide our students to practice ethical conduct and wellness as they develop a sustainable relationship with technology.  

Find more opportunities to meet Whitfield faculty, students and administrators on the Visit Whitfield page.