Steward Scholars Program

The Steward Scholars Program of Whitfield School was established in 2017 through the generosity of the Steward Family Foundation and the United Way of St. Louis. The Steward Family Foundation was created by David, Sr., Thelma, David, Jr., and Kimberly Steward '99. The Steward Scholars Program is the culmination of a ten year collaboration between Whitfield School and the Steward family.


Steward Scholarships
Through the Steward Scholars Program, students receive: 
  • need-based support for tuition
  • mentoring in support of academic and social needs
  • programming to prepare and support participation in clubs and activities
  • engagement with area civic and community organizations
  • career exploration and development activities
  • guidance through the college choice process
Scholar Expectations
Students who are selected as Steward Scholars are expected to:
  • demonstrate good character at all times
  • make satisfactory academic progress each year
  • attend and participate in Steward Scholars activities
  • participate in at least one Whitfield club/organization each year
  • commit at least 40 hours to volunteer service per year in the greater St. Louis community

The mission of the Steward Scholars Program is to ensure that talented minority and low-income students reach their full potential as students at Whitfield School and are given a foundation in life skills that will lead to their future success. Steward Scholars are selected for their potential to achieve academic success and to grow into impactful leaders.