We Choose Whitfield

Laura Lotz

English Faculty / Upper School

"At Whitfield, I am surrounded by vibrant, talented youth. I thoroughly enjoy empowering students to explore new ideas and tackle challenging skills and content. The authentic engagement and curiosity of the students guides what we do together in the classroom; through hard work and inquiry, they learn and grow."

Miller Boyd

Social Studies Faculty / Upper School

"Whitfield is a leader in progressive education and I am exceedingly thankful to be part of its faculty. Our students are some of the most engaging, open-minded young adults I have ever met. I am encouraged by their curiosity and look forward to seeing them develop into the scholars and leaders of tomorrow."

Susan Dean

Mathematics Faculty / Upper School

"Because all Whitfield classes are small, I am able to quickly develop an understanding of the academic needs of my students and create opportunities for each of them to gain confidence and appreciation of the mathematical process. Being able to teach each student as opposed to simply teaching the curriculum is such a refreshing, yet hard to find, educational advantage."

Zachary Ellis '12

Zachary Ellis '12

Consultant, Microsoft / Dallas

"I was academically prepared for college and having an internship under my belt upon graduation from Whitfield made it easier for me to succeed. I better understood the importance of establishing relationships and networking. I was able to utilize the skills and experiences I learned—networking, relationship management, confidence, public speaking, teamwork, the importance of diversity & inclusion—in college and during interviews with campus recruiters. I believe my experience enabled me to stand out among other college students."

Erin Gibson Valdez '01

Erin Gibson Valdez '01

Assistant Professor, Stanford University / California

"Without a doubt Whitfield prepared me academically for Duke University. The emphasis placed on critical thinking, not merely regurgitation of facts, was imperative to my success. As a scientist, I spend considerable time writing grants to fund my research, papers to convey my findings to the scientific community, and short articles to explain what my findings mean to non-scientists. Whitfield's emphasis on writing laid a solid foundation that I have been able to build upon."

Katie Harris '14

Katie Harris '14

People Operations Associate, Google / San Francisco

"Attending a small school like Whitfield gave me opportunities to develop my leadership skills. For example, as a leader of the Diversity Awareness Club at Whitfield, I was able to think critically about a strategy for creating change, and develop a plan for executing that strategy, which included identifying roles and responsibilities for others and holding us all accountable. These skills were transferable as I confidently stepped into leadership roles at Vanderbilt, and they’re skills I use today in my role at Google."