Amrita Nanda '07 and Amit Nanda '11

Amrita Nanda '07 and Amit Nanda '11

Amrita Nanda graduated from Whitfield in 2007.  She went to the University of Missouri—Kansas City School of Medicine six-year combined undergraduate and medical school and graduated in 2013.  She then did her residency in Emergency Medicine at Baylor Scott & White and Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) College of Medicine. Today, she is an Emergency Medicine physician in Dallas, Texas.  For her Senior Internship (a capstone experience required of all Whitfield seniors) she rotated in the ER for six weeks. During that particular experience she realized she wanted to be an Emergency Medicine physician. 

For Amrita, “to be an ER attending now knowing that the feeling I had as a 17 year-old Whitfield student was right is fulfilling in itself, but more satisfying for me is being challenged every time I go to work.  I get to help others, no questions asked, every shift.” 

Amit Nanda graduated from Whitfield in 2011.  He also attended the six-year combined undergraduate and medical school program at the University of Missouri—Kansas City School of Medicine and graduated in 2017.  Currently, he is a third year Internal Medicine resident at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and is in the process of applying for a cardiology fellowships. He shares, “I have learned throughout this application process, although very rigorous and stressful, the skills I learned while being a student at Whitfield have more than prepared me for this stage in my career. My unwavering desire to learn, which began early in my Whitfield career, complemented by my perseverance, has laid a strong foundation for a successful future career in cardiology. I look forward to beginning this exciting next phase of my career.”

Of their Whitfield education, Amrita reflects, “I truly feel blessed to have gone to Whitfield, and I know Amit feels the same way.  We have worked hard to get where we are today, but we always give full credit to our parents for sending us to Whitfield and to the teachers who helped shape us into the individuals we are today.” Amit, continues, “Amrita and I are both indebted to the many individuals of the Whitfield community who, over the past 10 years, have played such important roles in our personal and professional growth. We are proud Whitfield alumni, and we look forward to giving back to the community that has given so much to us!”

Why did you and your family choose Whitfield?

Amrita: We based our selection of Whitfield on a few different criteria. Specifically, my parents and I were very much swayed towards Whitfield because many individuals I looked up to in our Sikh community were alumni of Whitfield and were well on their way to successful careers.

Amit: My parents saw the great impact Whitfield had in my sister’s life and wanted to afford me the same opportunities. They wanted to make sure my sister and I had the best environment in which to learn and grow, and Whitfield more than exceeded that expectation.

How did Whitfield prepare you for college and beyond?

Amrita: Whitfield prepared me for college and beyond in more ways than one.  As it pertains to my career, to understand and explain the fundamentals of medicine requires one to be a lifelong student, an effective writer, and most importantly, a clear communicator.  I strengthened those skills as a student at Whitfield. Additionally, being an athlete during middle and high school, truly helped shape me into a hardworking and committed individual.  I also learned how to be a leader and an active participant in the classroom and on the field, which prepared me for my career and life as a whole.

Amit: The skills that I learned during my time at Whitfield have helped me grow both personally and professionally. As a Whitfield student I learned how to be a critical thinker, a collaborative learner, and a team player, all of which have allowed me to become the ultimate advocate for my patients. Whitfield provided me a safe and nurturing learning environment where I was pushed to my ultimate potential.

What did you learn at Whitfield that you use every day?

Amrita: Truthfully, it's as simple as the Whitfield motto: be kind and do the right thing.  It used to sound too simple and a little silly when I was student at Whitfield, but implementing those two simple phrases in my everyday work life has led to me cultivating a successful and fulfilling professional life thus far.  Those two phrases were instilled in us in even our smallest actions while in school, and to this day, my mom likes to remind my brother and me of that motto when we face challenges.

Amit: Strong communication skills play a big role in my career. As an MD, it is my job to talk with patients and also listen to what they have to say. The faculty at Whitfield began teaching me the importance of effective communication at a young age, and because of that, I provide better care for my patients.

What part of your Whitfield experience is most important to you?

Amrita: I am most thankful for the lifelong friendships my family and I gained from my Whitfield experience. These relationships were established in the classroom but have continued to blossom through the years.  I still talk with and see so many people who were not just in my class but were in classes above and below me.  In fact, a few girls who were in my class at Whitfield and now live in Dallas, and I jokingly use the term #WhitfieldWednesdays because we realized we were meeting up at least one or two Wednesdays a month over the last couple of years. The community that Whitfield provided for my family and me is one I will always be thankful for!

Amit: My Whitfield experience was an absolute blessing. From the administration to the incredibly supportive teaching staff, I have always felt at home. To this day, I still have great relationships and keep in touch with my classmates whether it is to celebrate their accomplishments and careers or just to say, “Hi.” It is a great feeling knowing that no matter where my medical career takes me, I always have the Whitfield community in my corner. 

What activities were you involved in while you were at Whitfield?

Amrita: I participated in many extracurricular activities, including sports and school clubs.  I played field hockey from 7th to 12th grade and lacrosse from 9th to 12th grade.  I also was on the dance squad freshman and sophomore year. During middle school, I think I tried and played almost every sport available to us (except soccer).  I held many different roles on Student Council during the 6 years I was at Whitfield, and was also a member of the Model UN and the diversity club. 

Amit: I played basketball from 7th to 12th grade and baseball from 9th to11 th grade. My senior year, I was captain of the basketball team. I was also the manager for the men’s soccer team. I was the President of Model UN and really enjoyed singing for Whitfield’s choir. 

What opportunities did Whitfield provide you that you might not have had elsewhere?

Amrita: For me, Whitfield allowed me to grow from a shy individual to a more social, independent, confident woman.  I was able to participate in sports teams, be part of Student Council many times, go on an international trip with my Spanish class, participate in Duke Moot court, and even be a part of a student exchange program with another school district that allowed me to branch out, become more cultured, and overall more expressive.  Moreover, the small class sizes helped me identify my strengths and challenges and further evolve as an individual.

Amit: My experiences and the opportunities provided by Whitfield have truly been life-changing. Whitfield is unique in that it focuses on developing strong, independent, and well-rounded students based off of their individual needs and desires. For me, the small class sizes and one-to-one interactions were key. During my Junior year, I was really interested in the UMKC 6-year medical program, and the intense college counseling that Whitfield provided me played a strong role in my acceptance into the program.