Lauren Wesley Wilson '03

Lauren Wesley Wilson '03

Lauren Wesley Wilson ‘03 is a graduate of Spelman College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. She continued her studies in Washington, D.C, earning a master's degree in Communications from Georgetown University. 

Lauren Wilson is Founder and CEO of the ColorComm Corporation. ColorComm Corporation is headquartered in NYC and works with clients on communications, marketing, and media strategy. ColorComm’s roster of clients includes The Coca Cola Company, Disney, Walmart, AT&T, Victoria’s Secret, Paramount, McDonald’s, and many more. Prior to ColorComm, Lauren worked in political communications serving as the Communications Director for Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and as a Media Strategist/Media Booker for President Barack Obama. Following the Campaign, Lauren worked as a Communications Strategist at the prestigious crisis firm Qorvis/MSL overseeing media strategy and crisis communications for international governments and stakeholder engagement for consumer brands. Her first book, What Do You Need?, will be out in April.

Lauren has been recognized by PR Week’s 50 Most Powerful in PR, Ad Age ‘Women to Watch’, PR Week’s 40 under 40 Award, the Holmes Report Innovator 25, the PR Council’s Diversity Champion Award, and New York Women in Communications, among many others.  Lauren was selected to serve on the Glass Lions Jury at Cannes Lions Festival in Cannes, France. 

Lauren lives with her partner and daughter in New York City.

Describe how Whitfield prepared you for college and beyond.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Whitfield truly prepared me for college and beyond. I learned critical and strategic thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and the opportunity to debate ideas in a safe and accepting environment. I also learned effective ways to study, which made college and graduate school easy.

What are you most thankful for from your Whitfield experience, both in and outside of the classroom?

I am thankful for the community and bonds that were formed during my time at Whitfield. I still keep in touch with my core group of Whitfield friends after all these years. Whitfield is the glue that has bonded us.

What were your primary interests and activities while you were at Whitfield?

I loved sports while at Whitfield and tried a whole host of activities until I found something I was good at. In the 7th grade, I started playing field hockey and stuck with it to senior year when I became Captain. I was Captain of both the Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams. I also enjoyed small roles in the school plays.

What were some of your favorite classes at Whitfield? Why?

I loved English, History, and Theater. These classes provided me with an outlet to express my creativity and gave me an opportunity to engage with my peers while using critical thinking skills. As an avid reader and writer, each class aligned with my passions and future career goals.  

What skills do you use in your career that you began forming at Whitfield?

I use the critical thinking and problem-solving skills I learned at Whitfield every day. Just as important, the writing process and presentation skills were incorporated into all of my classes, so I learned early the power of communicating my viewpoints clearly. I also learned to not be afraid to stand up for myself and that my opinions and experiences matter.

What opportunities did Whitfield provide you that you might not have had elsewhere?

I had the opportunity to learn with students who cared about excellence as much as I did. Further, the small class sizes were key to my growth and development, and I couldn’t be more fortunate to have learned in such a small, supportive environment.

What information will you be sharing with Whitfield students when you speak with them on March 26? 

During my conversation at Whitfield, I will be focusing on identifying your purpose at an early age. I will also share the clear roadmap to navigating the unspoken rules in life to activate your network and live a successful life. 

Describe your career.

As Founder and CEO of the ColorComm Corporation, I lead our team as we work with our global community of 100,000+ professionals and a portfolio of brands and corporate partners to create an inclusive industry that supports and uplifts women.

I want to continue the work that we are doing at ColorComm and see the next generation of leaders making an impact in the communications, marketing, advertising, and digital industries.