Madison Walsh '17

Madison Walsh '17

Madison Walsh began attending Whitfield in 6th grade and graduated in 2017. She is currently a senior at the University of Louisville majoring in Political Science with a track in Law and Public Policy. Madison is also a member of Louisville’s fifth ranked Division 1 Field Hockey team. Click here for the latest on Madison and the Louisville field hockey team.


  • Dean’s List – 2017,2018
  • All-ACC Academic Team – 2017
  • Academic Honor Role – 2017, 2018
  • NFHCA National Scholar of Distinction – 2017
  • NFHCA National Academic Squad – 2017, 2018
  • Political Science Honor Society – 2019
  • NFHCA Division 1 West Region Second Team selection – 2019


  • For two years in a row the field hockey team has had more combined community service hours than any other athletic team on Louisville’s campus.
  • Personal Stats: 102 hours since coming on campus in 2017


  • Mentor/Coach for Girls on the Run – 2019
  • Selected to be a SAAC Leader (Student Athlete Advisory Committee)

Team Recognitions (2019):

  • Was ranked in the top 10 for the entire 2019 season
  • Ranked as high as #4 and as low as #6
  • Made it to an Elite 8 for the first time in program history

How did Whitfield prepare you for college?
The biggest way in which Whitfield prepared me academically was in teaching me to write well. From constantly completing little assignments to big papers, the amount of writing I did at Whitfield made the transition to college writing almost easy. Most of my classes are writing based, and I find myself not feeling overwhelmed at all.
I also learned how to manage my time well and balance my school work with my athletics, service, family, and social life. The steady homework, larger assignments, and projects assigned throughout my time at Whitfield taught me from a very young age how to manage my time efficiently. Going to college and committing to playing field hockey 20+ hours a week is overwhelming times, but Whitfield’s workload transitioned me well into dealing with a college workload on top of field hockey.
Lastly, Whitfield taught me how to find confidence in my voice and speak in front of people. From beginning Whitfield in sixth grade through my senior year, we practiced public speaking through traditional speeches and presentations. In my classes at Louisville there have been many times when I’ve had to speak in front of a large group, and I have always felt extremely prepared to do so.
What were some of your favorite classes at Whitfield? Why?
I enjoyed the humanities a great deal. My teachers made every class interesting, informative, and extremely engaging. Especially in English and history, my writing, reading comprehension, and public speaking skills improved greatly and prepared me very well for college.
What do you hope to do in the future? What paths are you exploring?
In the future I hope to go to law school. In summer 2019 I had an amazing opportunity to intern at a law firm in Clayton, Missouri with a family law attorney. I learned a great deal, and this is definitely a career path I am considering.