Visual and Performing Arts

Cast of Little Shop of Horrors performs closing number

The arts at Whitfield offer students another “language” for communication and another platform for problem-solving.  Through required music, performing and visual arts classes, students develop creativity, confidence and perseverance.

Instrumental Music

Our Instrumental Music program is designed to provide students the opportunity to develop their musical and performance skills. 

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Our theater arts program encourages participants to develop talents they possess onstage and behind the scenes, while exploring and fostering their creativity. 

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Visual Arts

At Whitfield, visual arts are viewed not only as a visual language to be manipulated, but also as an observable problem-solving process.

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Vocal Music

As students sing in choir, they will find themselves challenged on many levels - intellectually, emotionally, physically, and musically - as they strive to recreate great works of art.

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The Fine Arts program is designed to develop language and communication skills and creative problem- solving strategies; to promote a positive self-concept, social awareness, empathy, a clarification of values and attitudes, and an understanding of the art of performance.