Middle School Athlete of the Week

The Middle School Athlete of the Week for October 11, 2019 is Cohen Panneri '24 a member of the middle school soccer team. Cohen is coachable and willing to play wherever the team needs him. He always puts 100% effort into both practices and games. Cohen helps out before and after every practice and has improved greatly since last year.

The Middle School Athlete of the Week for October 3, 2019 is Morgan Lee '26, a member of the Whitfield Gray volleyball team. Morgan has worked tremendously hard this year and receives feedback from her coach with a sincere acceptance and desire to do better. She routinely practices at home and shared that she accidentally broke her Mom's lamp because she was practicing in the house! Morgan will continue to improve as a result of her work ethic and motivation.

The Middle School Athlete of the Week for September 16, 2019 is Samriddhi Patankar '24, a member of the field hockey team. Samriddhi comes to practice always ready to not only play, but to use her experience and expertise to give sound and practical advice to teammates. She is also in constant communication to set her defense to best prevent the opponent's attack. Samriddhi is always looking to assist the coach and to get extra practice when possible with the varsity team.

The Middle School Athlete of the Week for May 20, 2019 is Max Ott ’23, a member of the baseball team. Max consistently works to do things correctly. He views practice as a way to improve and when a coach asks him to make an adjustment, Max takes the feedback seriously and strives to implement it on his next rep. Spending time as a pitcher and catcher this season, Max was always willing to play in extra games as catchers were in short supply. As an eighth-grade player, he will be a welcomed addition to the high school baseball program and will be missed at the middle school level.

The Middle School Athlete of the Week for May 16, 2019 is Jada Griffin '24, a member of the girls soccer team. Having the attitude and ability to stay in control of your surroundings is critical to success. Jada is able to do just that. Regardless of the situation during a game or practice, she consistently gives 100% and provides an example for her teammates to follow. As a center defender for the team, Jada played an important role within the team structure.