Athletic Hall of Fame

Memorabilia on display at the Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony

Whitfield School’s Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2016 to recognize and honor those individuals and teams who have made exceptional contributions to Whitfield’s athletic program. Classes are inducted biennially.

Hall of Fame Inductees
Class of 2020: Call for Nominations
We are currently seeking nominations for the Class of 2020!  The deadline for nominations Is Sunday, December 15, 2019.
After reviewing the criteria below, please complete this form to nominate our next class of outstanding athletes, coaches and boosters!


Induction Criteria for Alumni

  • Eligible for nomination 10 years after graduation from Whitfield.
  • Have exceptional accomplishments in one, or more, high school sports.
  • Have conducted his/herself as a student and alumna/alumnus in keeping with the values of the Whitfield community.
  • The 10 year period between graduation and nomination may be waived by the selection committee for nominees who are affected by extenuating circumstances. Posthumous nominations are welcomed.

Induction Criteria for Non-Alumni

Individuals (coach, administrator, friend of the school) who have made exceptional contributions to Whitfield’s athletic program and who have demonstrated in their lives the values of the Whitfield community. Posthumous nominations are welcomed.

Additional Details

  • Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year and will be considered for the next class in the Athletic Hall of Fame induction cycle.
  • The online nomination form must be completed in full. Committee members may seek additional information from the person submitting the nomination.
  • The number of inductees is determined by the committee.
  • Nominations remain active for five years and will be re-considered each year.
  • An individual is eligible to be re-nominated following the five year period.
  • Inductees will be notified of their selection by the Director of Athletics.


Flip Cady ’70
Bill Cady ’73
Bill Daues, former director of athletics
John Delautre, head of school
Abby (Baden) DePriest ’00
Ron Fox ’73

Ruth Greathouse, principal
Ginger Newton Jacobi ’73
Kyle Kerner '96
Sheila McCarthy, faculty member
Margot McMahon ’00
Mike Potsou, director of athletics

Mike Quante, assistant director of athletics
Melissa (Romine) Lloyd '99
Cory Spielberg '94
Tony Spielberg '90
Joe Trover '92
Todd Wallace ’00