Middle School Athletics

Middle school girls lacrosse team cheering before a game

Whitfield's middle school athletic program is structured to develop the team skills of a student-athlete. Providing the students with an enjoyable, positive experience as well as teaching the necessary skills are important aspects of the program. 

Rules interpretation, team strategy and tactics are taught on a consistent basis both on the practice field and in physical education classes.  Coaches work to develop the self-esteem of each individual participant, promote sportsmanship and exercise, enhance socialization and build class camaraderie.  Middle school athletes practice two times a week and compete in 8-14 games per season. Parents are encouraged to access Warrior Web for additional practice and game information.


  • Cross Country Middle School Co-ed
  • Field Hockey - Girls Middle School
  • Volleyball - Middle School Gray Team


  • Middle School Boys Basketball - White
  • Middle School Boys Basketball - Green
  • Middle School Boys Basketball - Gray
  • Middle School Girls Basketball - Green
  • Basketball - Girls Middle School
  • Middle School Dance and Cheer Team
  • Middle School Wrestling


  • Baseball - Middle School
  • Lacrosse - Girls Middle School
  • Soccer - Girls Middle School