Philanthropic Leaders

Parents of alumni Missy and Greg Hill

Missy & Greg Hill

Parents of Jeff ’00, Heather ’01

“Our family has always loved Whitfield and have personally been involved with the school for over twenty-five years.  The school embodies the principles and values that our family adheres to.  We appreciate the inclusive and diverse nature of the Whitfield community, and their institutional norms and traditions.

Our children received an exemplary education, learned self-respect, and how to grow and achieve throughout their adult lives."

Parents of Alumni Paul and Sheri Diemer

Sheri & Paul Diemer

Parents of Blake ’10, Griffin ’12

"Whitfield School lives its mission and works to impart character education as students pursue academic excellence. The school's strength is that every student is known, trusted and respected. It is our goal to ensure that the community enables students to discover their passions both academic and co-curricular, which will serve students at Whitfield and beyond."

Nick and Nancy Kurten

Nancy & Nick Kurten

Parents of Bo ’88

Grandparents of Lauren ’10, Jimmy ’14, Tyler ’17, Abigail ’19

“Whitfield represents many of the best academic, athletic, service-oriented student bodies in our community.  Students are proud and are excited about learning, being challenged and participating! There is one more important aspect to add to the mix that helped to make Whitfield the school it is today.  In the past thirty years, families, alums and the community have generously supported our school financially so that change could happen."