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The Whitfield Fund


Pledge your support to Whitfield during our two week Pledge Drive, September 14 - 25, 2020! By committing your support early in the school year, you provide our students, faculty, and staff with the resources needed to thrive.

Beginning September 14th, look for the Pledge Drive banner in the carpool lane tracking family participation, and tune into our social medial channels for regular updates.

Our goal is 100% participation by families.  That means we want every family to make a gift to the Whitfield Fund.  Gifts of all sizes are accepted, from $5 - $5,000,000+!

  • 46%
  • 100%

Whitfield is Counting on You!

Make your gift today

The cost of a Whitfield education exceeds tuition.  We rely on charitable donations to bridge this gap.  Through this pledge drive we are seeking participation from:

100% of Trustees 

100% of Faculty & Staff 

100% of Families 

We are counting on you--every family must pledge its support for us to reach our goal!



Whitfield's deep sense of community never wavers. Many of our teachers, like 34-year veteran Sheila McCarthy, have chosen to make Whitfield their home. The consistency of our programs and the warm, familiar faces create authentic student-faculty connection.


Whitfield is undergoing exciting and necessary innovations spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether on or off campus, our teachers remain committed to providing a strong, individualized academic experience that is increasingly relevant.


The Habits of Mind & Heart curriculum shapes the personal strengths of our students so that they have the resilience and moral awareness to be effective citizens and leaders. The Habits have been critical in helping our students respond to major shifts in their education and the world around them.


Teachers are the heart of Whitfield. The exceptional educational experience of our students depends on them.  They depend on you.

New this year!

Make your gift during the first week of the Pledge Drive and your name will be entered into a drawing for a special piece of Whitfield swag!

make a gift

What do our faculty love about Whitfield?

Samantha Alul, English Faculty

"I would say that the thing that really strikes me about 6th and 7th graders, and ours in particular, is how open they are. I've sat with groups of students who have actually said to one other, 'Thank you for trusting me with your story'."

The Whitfield Fund: FAQs

Each year, annual, unrestricted contributions to the Whitfield Fund constitute approximately 14% of Whitfield's operating budget.  Gifts to the Whitfield Fund are "unrestricted" which means they can be used to cover all types of expenses.

55% of parents made a gift or pledge during the Pledge Drive in 2019. By the end of the 2019-20 school year 76% of families had made a charitable gift to Whitfield.  We hope to increase the percentage of participants this year!

A pledge is a commitment to make a charitable contribution at a later date.  A pledge could be completed by making several installments.  For example, if you make a pledge of $100, you may complete it through four monthly installments of $25.

We ask that all pledges made during the Pledge Drive be paid in full by June 2021.  

60% of Whitfield Fund contributions directly support salaries and benefits for faculty and staff.  Another 12% of contributions support instructional needs and resources. In total, 72% of your donation directly supports the academic experience.

The school's 2020-21 budget includes raising $1,000,000 in unrestricted gifts.  Additionally, we work with friends of the school to raise restricted gifts to support specific programs, capital projects and to increase our permanently restricted endowment.

Thank you Pledge Drive donors!