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Admission Process

Listed below are the required steps in Whitfield's admission process for families considering admission for Fall 2020.  You are welcome to call us at (314) 415-1259 to talk about the admission process or you may explore your options online.  In either case, we look forward to getting to know your family during the coming admission season.

Family Interview

Your family interview, which will include you and your student, will take approximately 45 minutes.  As a family, you will talk with one of our admission associates.  Then, both you and your student will have a chance to talk with the same associate individually.   

Families often are curious about the interview.  Our goal is to get to know both you and your student.  What are your student's interests in and out of class?   How does your student spend free time?  What are you looking for in a secondary school?  With dynamic classrooms that rely heavily on interpersonal relationships, we are looking for students whom we believe will thrive in that environment.   We work with students every day and we know that there are a wide array of personalities.  We carefully consider our observations in concert with the school records to create a complete picture of your student. 

We meet with families Monday through Friday, with appointments both during and after school to accommodate your schedule.  We welcome visitors all year, but the majority of appointments for those interested in Fall 2020 admission will occur between mid-October 2019 and mid-January 2020.  Interviews for Fall 2020 admission will begin on September 23, 2019. We require the completed application prior to the interview and we recommend students also attend a visit day.

To schedule your family interview, please contact Michelle Templeton at (314) 415-1259 or


Entrance Exam

We ask that your child take the SSAT once and submit the results to Whitfield (#8196).

The SSAT is offered in St. Louis a number of times each year; we encourage you to choose the most convenient test date and site.   

Whitfield is hosting the SSAT on Saturday, February 8, 2020 and Saturday, April 25, 2020. 

Please visit our SSAT and Admission Decisions page for more detailed information about how we review applications, and the role testing plays in those decisions.


Please apply online using the Standard Application Online (SAO), an application accepted by many Independent Schools of St Louis (ISSL) member schools.  To begin your application, please click the square SAO button below.


Please complete your application by January 14, 2020.  While the overwhelming majority of our applicants apply by January 14, we welcome applications after this date. To be consistent with Independent Schools of St. Louis common application deadlines, we request that 9th grade applicants submit their application by December 13, 2019.

A complete Whitfield application includes:

  • Completed Student Profile, Parent Statement and Student Essays submitted through the Standard Application Online.
  • $50 application fee, payable online with the online application or by check.
  • Records from your child's current school. For those submitting a paper application, complete the School Record and Transcript Release Form and give these to the appropriate person at your child's current school.  The school will forward records at the conclusion of the first semester or trimester.  Those submitting an online application can email the request to the appropriate person at your child's current school through the online application or print and deliver the forms.  Those delivering paper copies of the forms should also provide envelopes addressed to Emily Chrysler, Director of Admission, Whitfield School, 175 South Mason Road, St. Louis, MO 63141.
  • Teacher recommendation. For those submitting a paper application, please complete the top portion of one or all of the teacher recommendation forms and give the form(s) to your child's classroom teacher(s); this single link includes multiple versions of the teacher recommendation form (math, English, principal/counselor and "any teacher").    The teacher will return the recommendation directly to us.  Those applying online can email the request to the teacher through the SAO or provide a paper copy of the request.  Please note that we require only one teacher recommendation as long as it is from an academic subject classroom teacher, although we welcome multiple recommendations if students wish to request them from multiple teachers.  Teachers completing these forms by mail may use any of the versions of the recommendation form in the link above, depending on which makes the most sense for the subjects they teach. It is particularly helpful to receive a recommendation from a math teacher when possible.
  • One personal reference. We are looking for someone who knows your child well outside of the school environment to talk briefly about your child's strengths.  Applicants often request personal recommendations from coaches, music teachers, family friends or leaders of religious institutions.  Applicants are welcome to use the personal recommendation form provided through the SAO or ask the recommender to submit a letter by email or by mail.  Letters should be addressed to Emily Chrysler, Director of Admission, Whitfield School, 175 South Mason Road, St. Louis, MO 63141.

While these are the required steps for admission, we also recommend that you and your student visit campus on one of our Admission Visit Days. 

You may schedule your Family Interview by calling the Admission Office at (314) 415-1259.

Families often ask which of these steps should be completed first. Although not required, it is beneficial for us to receive the Student Profile, Parent Statement and Student Essays prior to the family interview. The only requirement is that you complete each step prior to our January 14, 2020 application deadline (December 13, 2019 deadline for ninth grade applicants).

Whitfield strives to create a school community that reflects the diversity of the St. Louis metropolitan area.  The school seeks to maintain a student body balanced by gender and diverse in geographic, economic, ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, disability or gender in administering its academic policies, admission policies, athletic policies, financial aid program, or other school activities. 

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