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Affording Whitfield

A Whitfield education is an investment in your child, and in the future of our community, our country, our world.

“A school, more than anything, has to be a place where change—positive change—occurs for the betterment of the students…I feel like that’s the kind of energy [Whitfield] has going now.”
--Lee Kaplan (Adam ’11, Matthew ’14), September 2018

Whitfield is small enough to be nimble, and large enough to be impactful. Our students are diverse in every sense of the word which creates a community rich in perspectives and experiences that broaden learning for all. Our students and our families value the realization of opportunity and potential. An investment in a Whitfield education is an investment in our collective future.


The Class of 2019 earned merit, athletic and leadership scholarships totaling over $3,200,000 for their freshman year alone. Investing in secondary education can have a hard return. Whitfield’s expert college counseling team provides a student-centered, highly personalized approach that empowers students to reach their top choice school in a low-stress way.

In addition to earning college scholarships, we prepare students to be successful in college. Through the Whitfield experience we, of course, prepare our students academically, but also help them build the confidence and comfort to work directly with their professors, to seek clarification and additional support as they need it, to develop time-management and organizational skills; to be advocates of their own learning.

Finally, we prepare students to respectfully engage in civil discourse, an expectation of colleges and employers. Our international program and commitment to diversity lead to strong bonds among students of vastly different backgrounds. A diverse student body broadens the perspectives and experiences shared in class discussions and prepares Whitfield students for the global realities they will face in college and beyond.

Whitfield students graduate as confident scholars, capable leaders, and contributing global citizens.


While tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $27,775, the cost to educate each student at Whitfield greatly exceeds this. This “gap” is covered by draws on our endowment and generous gifts from current and past parents, alumni, grandparents and friends.

Families may opt to pay tuition in one lump sum, in two payments, or in ten monthly payments. Tuition increases slightly depending on these payment plans.

In addition to school supplies students may opt to purchase from our campus store. Items such as the yearbook, technology fees, Parents' Council dues, middle school overnight trips, snacks, and field trips are tallied on a monthly bill parents receive online. Textbooks and these incidentals average $1,500 per year. Tuition includes lunch.

We know that tuition and fees—especially for families with several children enrolled in independent schools—can add up to soaring amounts. That is why Whitfield is committed to a robust tuition assistance program offered through merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid. Through these vehicles, we are investing in the immeasurable potential of children.


Mary L. Burke Merit Scholarship
Mary L. Burke Merit Scholarships are granted for academic achievement. Recipients of this program will present strong performance in a rigorous academic program and high SSAT scores. Burke Scholars must also be committed to their community and school, show strength of character, and demonstrate the skills and determination necessary for success at Whitfield. Click here to read more about average awards and qualifications.

Steward Scholars Program
The Steward Scholars Program is our most esteemed scholarship award program. In addition to tuition assistance, its ten participants receive one-on-on mentoring by Whitfield faculty, introductions to influential members of our community and those around the country, community service opportunities, and life-changing travel. This program provides every kind of support needed for the Steward Scholars to thrive during their Whitfield years and beyond. Click here for more information and application guidelines.

Need-Based Financial Aid
Financial aid awards in the past school year year ranged from $3,000 to over $20,000, with an average award of $16,000. 

You may be surprised to learn that factors contributing to financial need include the number of children you have enrolled at Whitfield (while you may not qualify for aid with one student enrolled, you may qualify with two or more students enrolled). Click here for more information.

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About Us

Whitfield School is an independent, coeducational college preparatory day school for grades 6–12.

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Whitfield’s demanding academic program coupled with the support of a dedicated, world class faculty prepares graduates for both the college experience and life beyond.

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Students who choose to engage in the arts at Whitfield, whether performing or visual, discover the nearly limitless possibilities for self-expression.

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The Warriors have claimed 33 state championships, earning multiple coach and player of the year awards, and sending numerous alumni to play at the collegiate level.

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Student Life

Whitfield students are happy, healthy and engaged in their community. Working diligently both in and out of the classroom, they learn both the academic and the interpersonal skills that lead them to success in college and beyond.

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Find out what makes Whitfield unique among St. Louis schools.

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The culture of philanthropy has always been an essential part of the Whitfield experience. Whitfield is fortunate to have parents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff, trustees, grandparents and special friends who consistently support our school.

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