Model UN Participates in Civitas General Assembly
Posted 11/19/2018 11:28AM

Whitfield’s Model United Nations Club participated as delegates to the Civitas Simulation United Nations General Assembly hosted at Creve Coeur Drury Inn convention center on November 17, 2018.

Delegates worked diligently in researching the nations they were assigned and writing resolutions. There were about 65 delegates in the AM session from several schools from the greater St. Louis area.

Whitfield’s 20 delegates (grades 9-12) researched nations and submitted resolutions for Ukraine, Australia, Peru, and China. After an initial vote on the 18 resolutions submitted at the beginning of the Simulation General Assembly, two resolutions submitted by Whitfield delegates for Peru & Yemen (combined resolution) and China were accepted for presentation, discussion, caucus on proposed amendments, and vote. This was a great experience for all Whitfield delegates to apply their social studies skills and foster teamwork for participation in a diplomatic simulation with peers from other schools.

Congratulations to all twenty delegates from Whitfield who represented nations they researched for the Civitas Simulation Model UN General Assembly. Whitfield delegates were Nathan Albovias ‘21, Xingda Chen ‘20, Alec Gau ‘21, Yutiancheng Yang ‘20, Ade Yang ‘21, Liv Hand 21, Kirsten Hoerman ‘21, Grace Farr ‘20, Nina Steinberg ‘20, Mia Dalton ‘20, Zoë Goffe ‘21, Davide Pace ‘20, Kylie Wagner ‘20, Mahlet Fentaw ‘20, Nate Rosenberg ‘20, Ben Weas ‘20, Jonah Boyer ‘20, Ian Koppe ‘21, Peter McKown ‘20, and Emily Underwood ‘20.

The Whitfield delegation assigned to write a resolution for Peru and Yemen (by delegates Liv Hand ’21, Alec Gau ’21, Nathan Albovias ‘21) presented their resolution. The delegation representing China (Yutiancheng Yang ’20, Ade Yang, ’21, Xingda Chen ’20) spoke in favor of their resolution as did several other delegations from other schools speak in favor of the resolution. The first amendment proposed by the delegation for South Korea was accepted. The second amendment proposed by the delegation for the Democratic Republic of the Congo was also discussed and declined by general vote. The first amendment proposed by South Korea delegation was approved. The resolution vote was 14 yes, 8 no, and 7 abstentions. After thoughtful discussion among delegates, the initial vote in the General Assembly (all delegations) was so close, that there was a roll call re-vote. The re-vote was 15 yes, 9 no, 7 abstentions.

Delegates from Whitfield whose resolutions were included in the delegates’ packets include resolutions by Peter McKown ’20 and Ben Weas ‘20 (for Ukraine), Nate Rosenberg ’20 and Jonah Boyer ’20 (for Australia), Emily Underwood ’20 and Ian Koppe ’21 (for South Korea), and a combined resolution by Liv Hand ’21, Alec Gau ’21, Nathan Albovias ’21 (for Peru) and Zoë Goffe ’21 and Kirsten Hoerman ’21 (for Yemen).

Congratulations to our Model UN Club!

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