Diversity and Inclusion Groups

One of the goals for our newly appointed Director of Diversity and Inclusion has been to help create and support groups that represent all of the school’s constituents so that everyone has a voice along with a safe space to have conversations. In order for all groups to focus on what they are best equipped to do and be able to complement each other and work together to move the diversity and inclusion initiative forward, each group has met and articulated their mission.

Strategic Plan Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion

  • To create and assess goals pertaining to inclusion under current strategic plan
  • To review and recommend additions/changes in school policy and practices
  • To help develop and maintain community engagement initiatives
  • Comprised of board members, current and alumni parents, alumni, faculty and staff

Diversity Committee

  • To act as liaisons to departments and grade levels and share best practices, resources
  • To spearhead curricular changes within a multicultural approach
  • To provide feedback on proposals which involve teachers and staff
  • To lead and attend “Whitfield Talks” series
  • To provide support and feedback to Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Comprised of faculty and staff representing every grade level and academic area as well as technology, wellness & counseling and athletics

Diversity Awareness Club

  • To organize and carry out initiatives to educate students in matters pertaining to diversity and inclusion with topics chosen by students based on perceived needs
  • To act as liaisons to grade levels and provide a student voice in discussions and initiatives as appropriate
  • Open to all middle school and high school students
  • Meets weekly with Catalina Martinez as a faculty sponsor


Black Student Union: Building Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union: Building Student Union is to provide a safe space for Whitfield's Black/African American students to share experiences based on racial identity and cultural background and to find support and camaraderie to further explore their own identity. The club is open to all middle and high school students who self-identify as Black/African American. The club meets monthly and the Middle School Director is the faculty sponsor.

Gay Straight Alliance

  • To create a social and supportive space for all students wishing to dialogue and learn about sexual orientation, gender identity, and related issues
  • The purpose of a safe space is directly connected to greater academic achievement, higher future aspirations, and a greater sense of belonging in the school community
  • The GSA will promote value and respect for everyone
  • Open to all middle school and high school students. Meets weekly with Ann Marie Hardy as a faculty sponsor

Jewish Student Union

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is open to both Jewish and non-Jewish students. Members meet twice a month to to inspire teens of all backgrounds to explore contemporary issues in fun and meaningful ways.

Women's Alliance

The mission of the Whitfield Women's Alliance (WWA) is to provide a place for students to communicate about women’s issues and collaborate on ways to creatively educate women and men about these concerns, while working towards the empowerment of women in the Whitfield community.

Young Conservatives Club

The Young Conservatives Club is open to all students who self-classify as conservatives due to their political and/or religious views and will provide a forum for like-minded individuals to discuss matters that affect their daily life. Topics for initial meetings include discussing what being conservative means to each member, ways that individuals help or hinder their cause, finding local and national like-minded groups and finding writers and journalists who align with individual student views for future discussion.
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