Clubs & Organizations

One of the grade level lip syncs performed during the Homecoming pep rally

Whitfield boasts a robust list of student-led organizations that provide leadership opportunities and engagement through common interests.  Open to students in all grades with meetings before or after school, clubs and organizations at Whitfield foster community and mentorship.

Whitfield has many opportunities to get involved within the school. When I came to Whitfield in 7th grade, I got involved with yearbook, the community service club, and diversity awareness club. Through these clubs, I met and became friends with many of the upperclassmen. Agha Haider '21
Student Clubs provide an opportunity for students to explore their interests and passions outside the classroom, develop leadership skills, and positively contribute to the Whitfield community. All Clubs are student driven and supported by a faculty sponsor who helps plan and facilitate meetings and activities. Clubs meet at least once a month directly before or after school.
Affinity Groups
Affinity Groups are Student Clubs that provide a facilitated, affirming space for students who share an identity, background, or affiliation to explore and reflect upon their own identity, to celebrate shared culture and traditions, and to discuss common experiences, needs, and challenges. Affinity spaces also offer an opportunity for mentorship, support, and community building.


Admissions Club

Admission Club members play a critical role in educating prospective students and their families about the Whitfield experience and welcoming them into our community. The club is comprised of Hosts, Office Representatives, and Ambassadors. Admission Hosts help with Visit Days by welcoming and partnering with a prospective student. Office Representatives meet with prospective families after their interview or tour to answer questions from a student perspective and share their Whitfield experience. Ambassadors welcome our incoming students by planning a few events throughout the summer for a small group to help acclimate them to our school culture. They partner with their group during New Student Orientation as well. Club members may be asked to help with events such as Warrior Welcome, Open House, and Secondary School Night.

Chess Club

Students in grades 6-12 interested in exploring this intense game of strategy meet weekly with a faculty advisor after school to play chess. Beginners as well as advanced players are welcome.

Climbing Club

The Climbing Club is a student-driven organization that meets once a week to climb at Upper Limits indoor rock climbing gym. The club welcomes everyone to join regardless of prior climbing experience. The students learn to push their physical abilities while also developing mental dexterity by means of working through climbing "routes" on top-rope or "problems" while bouldering. This is a fun, stress-free club that enjoys a little excitement in their every day experience.

Community Service Club

Whitfield School encourages students to pursue volunteer opportunities to serve their school, neighborhood and local communities, and to instill a life-long commitment to community service. In addition to school-wide and grade-level outreach efforts, the Community Service Club organizes community service activities on campus and in the St. Louis community. The Community Service Club is open to all interested students.

Diversity Awareness Club

The Diversity Awareness Club is dedicated to discussing and acting on issues that affect the Whitfield School community. The goal of this club is to make members of the Whitfield community more aware of social justice topics that take place in St. Louis, including racism, genderism, religious intolerance, sexual orientation, disabilities, discrimination, etc. Students work with a faculty sponsor and the school administration to plan discussions and activities that will enhance the school community and foster greater unity and understanding among all of our members. The organization is open to all Whitfield students, faculty and staff.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Whitfield Business Club started in 2019 with the goal of exposing Whitfield students to the business world through speakers and hands on activities. Participants will learn networking skills, how to develop a business plan, and how to make smart investments. The culminating event is a mock shark tank in which students will pitch their business plans to “potential investors”.

Film Club

Students who participate in in Film Club watch and analyze movies to obtain a better understanding of the thematic concepts and possible cultural critiques. 

Green Scene

Green Scene is a student-run fan group for Whitfield sports. At designated games, Green Scene leaders make it their goal to recruit an overwhelming number of fans (students, teachers and parents) to come out in support of the teams. Support includes cheering, dressing up, and making posters. Green Scene t-shirts help to create a united fan base to support Whitfield athletic teams. Green Scene members are present at every game, even those not designated as Green Scene Games. These fans organize the student fan section and cheering.

Honor Council

The Honor Council consists of elected members and appointed members-at-large and discusses school issues relating to the Honor Code. In addition, the Honor Council may meet on an ad hoc basis with students or faculty to review particular issues. To run for election, students must have an average of 2.75 or higher the previous semester and must continuously exemplify the ideals of academic success, good attendance, school spirit and positive school citizenship.

Jazz Band

The Whitfield Jazz Band is a co-curricular group of talented musicians who rehearse one evening a week during the school year. Students enrolled in one of the Whitfield band classes may audition for the Jazz Band. Directed by Anna Seim, the Jazz Band performs in styles such as swing, rock and latin at both the Winter and Spring Concerts as well as giving other performances throughout the year.

Judo Club

Judo Club is open to all students in grades 6-12 and meets several times a week through the year. No prior experience is needed and all skill levels are welcome to learn about and participate in this strength-building activity. Although judo is a combat sport, students should expect to develop speed, agility, balance, coordination, body awareness and an increase in overall athletic confidence.

Literacy Initiative Club

The Literacy Initiative Club is a branch of the Literacy Initiative in the Whitfield community. This club plans events and fundraisers that help support Literacy Initiative programs. The goal of the organization is to increase reading proficiency in underprivileged children, as well as create lifelong relationships between high school volunteers and students.

Literary Magazine - The Secret Voice

Students who work on the staff of The Secret Voice review and anonymously select works to be published. This art and literature magazine accepts original poems, short stories, photographs and drawings from Whitfield students, staff and faculty.

Middle School Debate Club

The Middle School Debate Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. Members of the club will pick interesting topics to research and debate throughout the year. Students will learn to gather evidence to support their side and convincingly argue against the opposition. Several debates will be open to the Whitfield community to participate as audience members who will vote on the winner.

Middle School Math Club

In Middle School Math Club, students learn different techniques of solving math word problems in a quicker and more efficient way. Students also participate in various math competitions against other schools throughout the year.

Mindfulness Club

Mindfulness Club is open to all students, faculty and staff. The purpose of the club is to formally practice mindfulness meditation as a group and to support each other in developing the informal habit of mindfulness in everyday activities. The group meets after school, for about 20 minutes once per week.

Model UN

The Whitfield School delegation to the St. Louis-area Model United Nations consists of high school students who are interested in world issues and international affairs. The aim of the organization is to allow high school students from the St. Louis area to act as delegates from various UN member nations and propose resolutions in an attempt to resolve international problems. Delegates speak for and against proposed resolutions, cross-examine other delegates, and ultimately vote to determine whether a resolution passes, fails, or is tabled.

Peer Tutoring

Whitfield's Peer Tutoring Program pairs upper-class students who have a strong history of success in math and languages with younger students recommended by their teachers. The pairs meet for 30 minutes before or after school one day each week and work together to strengthen the student's study and organizational skills, as well as their mastery of the content in which they are being tutored.

Special Olympics Young Athletes Program

Whitfield hosts a Special Olympics Young Athletes Program for Special Olympics of Missouri. Whitfield's program consists of two, seven-week sessions per year. During each session, Whitfield students work with children with special needs between the ages of three and seven years old for one hour on Monday evenings. While Special Olympics provides a lesson plan for each evening, Whitfield students help by pairing up with the young athletes and leading the different activities.

Sports Activities

Sports Activities for upper school boys include: baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, ice hockey (club team), soccer, tennis, track & field, volleyball and wrestling. Sports for upper school girls include: basketball, cheerleading, cross country, dance squad, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track & field and volleyball. Sports for middle school boys include: baseball, basketball, cross country, ice hockey (club team), soccer and wrestling. Sports for middle school girls include: basketball, cheerleading, dance squad, soccer, cross country, field hockey and volleyball.

Student Council

Student Council serves as the voice of the student body; upholds the standards and guidelines of the school; promotes school responsibility; and serves as the vehicle for community outreach and the recognition of students. The President, Vice President and Secretary are elected by the students. Two class representatives are elected by individual classes and up to four at-large members can be selected by the Council. To run for election, students must have an average of 2.75 or higher the previous semester and must continuously exemplify the ideals of academic success, good attendance, school spirit and positive school citizenship.

Technology Student Association (TSA)

Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national, non-profit organization of middle and high school students who are engaged in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Since TSA was chartered in 1978, almost 4,000,000 student members have participated through competitions, intracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, community service, and more. TSA provides rules and guidelines for more than 60 middle school and high school competitions. Students are challenged to use and improve their STEM skills in team and individual events in such areas as: technology, communication, design and engineering, environmental systems, transportation, and manufacturing. All competitions are aligned with STEM standards, leadership skills, and 16 Career Clusters® ( This club is offered to students 6-8.

Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is dedicated to the advancement of theater arts. High school students earn an invitation to join through distinguished participation in theatrical productions. Guided by student officers, the group meets on a regular basis. Activities include sponsoring an evening of student-directed, one-act plays and providing technical support for Whitfield events.

Yearbook - The Iliad

Students from grades 6-12 create The Iliad, which is the Whitfield yearbook. Veteran staff members teach new members the technical and leadership skills essential to producing a quality yearbok. Student editors guide staff members as they photograph, write, design and layout the yearbook. To create the layout of the pages, students use Whitfield's Mac Lab and Photoshop.


These are voluntary groups that students who identify, or ally, with the affinities may join. 

Diversity Awareness Club

The Diversity Awareness Club is dedicated to discussing and acting on issues that affect the Whitfield School community. Students explore issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and cultural competence and contribute to the creation of a more diverse and inclusive community. Students work with a faculty sponsor and the school administration to plan discussions and activities that will enhance the school community and foster greater unity and understanding among all of our members. The organization is open to all Whitfield students, faculty and staff.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union (BSU) provides a safe space for Whitfield's Black/African American students to share experiences based on racial identity and cultural background and to find support and camaraderie to further explore their own identity. The club is open to all middle and upper school students who self-identify as Black/African American.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is open to all students in grades 9-12, regardless of your faith position or athletic ability. The student-led group meets twice a month to discuss the application of scripture on situations that they may encounter in their daily lives. Student leaders provide devotionals, bible readings, and prayer for the group at each meeting.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) creates a social and supportive space for all students wishing to dialogue and learn about sexual orientation, gender identity, and related issues. The GSA promotes value and respect for everyone. Open to all middle school and upper school students.

International Student Union

International Student Union (ISU) is open to all students in grades 6-12. The purpose of the group is two-fold: it provides a space for Whitfield international students to share experiences that influence integrating into American culture, and it creates the opportunity to celebrate and share with other group members and classmates the many cultures from around the world that make up our student body.

Jewish Student Union

Jewish Student Union (JSU) is open to both Jewish and non-Jewish students. Members meet twice a month to inspire teens of all backgrounds to explore contemporary issues in fun and meaningful ways.

Women's Alliance

Women's Alliance provides a place for students to communicate about gender equality and collaborate on ways to creatively educate people about these concerns, while also working towards the empowerment of women in the Whitfield community.